Youth Unemployment: Start your own Business

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The Chief Executive Officer of the ‘Above All Cake and Pastries’, Rita Agyapong, has challenged unemployed Ghanaian youth to start setting up their own business raher than always looking for non-existent white-colour jobs.

Miss Rita Agyapong who – a young entrepreneur, a teacher and the author of a book titled “Recipe for Cooking” premised her call on the worrying reality most youth are used to which is the usual trend of seeking employment avenues at other people’s businesses to make a living.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with at her business center at Fumesua in the Ashanti Region, she underscored the foregoing as a great hindrance since it restrains most of them (youth) from utilizing their talents to create their own business empire.

According to her, there are higher numbers of Ghanaians who are so much endowed with vocational skills plus other talents which if properly utilized will earn them great fortunes, however, they are refusing to utilize their talents and skill because of what she described as “laziness and pride”.

“Many of our youth today have one way or the other acquired some knowledge in the vocational and technical training which could yield many results of jobs creation if put in practice, but we have locked all the knowledge in a wardrobes, dumped under our beds and sleeping. That kind of thinking will not help us,” Miss Rita Agyepong stated.

She questioned “Why should you be surviving on the vision of somebody when you have what it takes to start something of your own to make a living”.

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