Youth urged to join fight against Corruption

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Some governance and leadership experts have appealed to the youth population in the country to join the fight against corruption, a canker which is militating against the country’s ability to provide the needed social amenities for the people as well as provide sustainable means of employment for its teaming youth population.

They have been sensitized to exhibit the highest form of moral uprightness and self-discipline in all their endeavors as well as demand accountability and uprightness from the leadership of the country for the right things to be done.

The call was made by some governance and leadership experts drawn from the clergy, academia, diplomats and corporate institutions at the 4th edition of the Discussion on Good Corporate Governance Initiative. It was on the theme “The role of the youth in combating corruption”, a good corporate governance advocacy programme being championed by the KRIF Ghana Foundation.

The Executive Chairman of the Foundation, Rev. Kennedy Okosun in his address, used the no tolerance to corruption attitude adopted by his company, KRIF Ghana Ltd, as an example of a possible corruption free society if only individuals would take decisions to commit to living incorruptible lifestyles. According to him, only few committed people are needed to cause massive changes in the society.

“We have been running business for 32 years in the country and we have never taken or given a bribe. Only a few people are needed to cause a change. Commit to living within your means and corruption will be away from you.” He observed.

The Executive Secretary of the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition, Beauty Nartey, called on the student community to join the coalition in its quest to root out corruption in the society by joining the fight against corruption wherever they found themselves. Urging that they should turn themselves into worthy ambassadors of positive change by speaking up against corrupt practices among their peers and elsewhere.

The Director of Programmes at the Center for Democratic Development (CDD), Kojo Asante, observed that the youth would have to take personal decisions and commitment to be persons of integrity and so no to corruption under every circumstances. He urged them to guard against the corruption of their morals by popular attitudes and must demand for the change that they want to see.

On his part, a Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Gyampo, called on the student leadership on the various university campuses to close their ranks from political manipulations, galvanize themselves into one solid constituency with one voice, and demand accountability and quality from the ruling elites to earn the worthy accolade as “the conscience of the nation” as its predecessors during the struggle for independence and democracy.

The KRIF Ghana Foundation is an offshoot of the KRIF group of enterprises who deal in office stationery and security systems. The Foundation has been on this campaign for some time now in an effort to sensitize individuals and groups in the society against bad corporate governance practices.

Speaking in an interview at the sidelines of the gathering of students from some 11 Universities in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer of the KRIF Foundation, Michael Ohene-Effah, indicated that the foundation designed this programme to engage sections of the society every quarter to tackle national pertinent issues.

He said they have decided to appeal to the youth this time to join in the fight against corruption, which is believed to be responsible for the underdevelopment tag that has characterized the administration of the nation over the years, because the youth demography in the country is a huge constituency whose views must be considered in decision making.

He also indicated that the Foundation intends to send a communique to the authorities of the nation about some of the ideas and solutions that were proffered by the youth in the fight against corruption during the discussion.

The event which was held at the University of Ghana Law Faculty auditorium played host to the leadership of these Universities in Accra as well as well as the leadership of Civil Society Organizations such as the Center for Democratic Governance, the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition.

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