Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa restores confiscated Farmland to White Owner

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A white Zimbabwean tobacco and maize farmer, Ledbury Farm who was evicted from his farm in Manicaland province, is set to return and resume production following President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s decision to restore his property to him.

Heavily armed Zimbabwean riot police were deployed to Robert Smart’s farm outside Rusape town in June to forcefully evict him from his farm.

Reports say he was evicted to pave way for a top cleric and Mugabe ally, Trevor Manhanga to use the property.

Lesbury Farm was taken over by the state shortly after President Mugabe told ZANU-PF supporters at a rally that all remaining white commercial farmers should be kicked off their properties to make way for the ruling party’s youth and his supporters who were without land.

But President Mnangagwa’s special adviser Chris Mutswangwa reportedly said that Smart and his Darryn should not be disturbed in their farming activities.

“These farmers are Zimbabweans and they belong to Manicaland province,” Mutswangwa was quoted as saying, adding that the country now needs direct investments to boost the economy.

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