The Zongo Waakye and Sobolo Training: 1D1F Replacement

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Mustapha Abdul Hameed,

Greetings from Binduri.

Abochie, wahala dey for you oooo!

It is often said that when the inexplicable happens, the unquestionable is imagined!

I understand you intend to train our Zongo sisters in Waakye cooking and Sobolo preparation, right? Is it because your government has failed to bring to life the utopian promise to build one factory in each district? The waakye and sobolo factories will be easy to build and make noise about it. Heheeee!

Anyway, Ghana is getting interesting and your likes cannot stop amazing me. Who did we get here? Abochie, when you were little unknown elephant in Bawku, our Zongo women there were already cooking delicious Wakye and preparing fantastic Sobolo, do you still remember that?

When you moved to Kumasi Zongo, before marrying your 2 wives, our Zongo sisters there were cooking great Wakye and tasty Sobolo, just as when you came to Accra.

*Did you train them? Or did your father told you he trained them?*

Is that another way to chop our taxes allocated to your unproductive ministry? Enough of the beer parlour jokes and petty lies! Our Zongo sisters have always prepared delicious Wakye and Sobolo since Ghana’s inception without your government’s training, if you want to help Zongos, do it with dignity, they equally deserve good infrastructural projects. Contact Hon. Muntaka Mubarak and Alhaji Nuru Hamidan for tutorials on how they transformed Boaban and its environs, treat it as a matter of necessity!

I know you are having sleepless nights over the mass advocacy for the second coming of John Mahama in our Zongos.

_As a man with a pathological compulsion to subvert the truth, without blinking, blushing, stammering and gulping whatsoever, you may have to consider recruiting extra 5,000 professional liars both local and foreign to help you lie to our Zongos to salvage your pathetic situation to enable NPP win power in the elections 2020, but hey, am afraid 3nko si aga!_

You are a Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development, not a minister of Waakye and Sobolo development, get serious! I am at this juncture, wondering if you really have the acumen for the task, if you do, then what you do with it, I wouldn’t know. A PhD holder talking like a serial caller? Plenty certificates with less sense. Common sense is not common to common people indeed!

Change has come indeed and I’m really gritting my teeth and shaking my damned head in utmost disbelief!

Sorry, am gone to get this morning’s edition of unadulterated waakye and some sobolo to chill down in this messed up economy.

See ya,

The Binduri Boy.

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