1D1F, A Grand Deception

There are 254 Districts in Ghana. The government of Nana Addo promised a Factory for each. After 3 years in office, the government claims it has established 58 Factories. If this claim is true, then we have 196 factories to be established in the remaining Districts.

If it took the government 3 years to establish 58 factories, including the “stolen” ones, how many factories can the government establish in 9 months?

I would want to suggest to the NDC to carry out a thorough auditing of the factories established so far – year of establishment, ownership, the share of the government in the establishment, the true number of employees and what these factories actually produce.

It will come as a shock to the nation that most of these factories were in existence before Independence and what the government does is to go and beg the owners of these factories and put the 1D1F labels on them.

It will also come as a shock to the nation that the number of employees as claimed on paper as being engaged by these “new” factories will be far below the actual figure. What is likely to crop up again is that these factories may not even be in production!

Therefore, the number 58 that is said to have been completed could be far below what is actually on the ground.

There is a clever scheme to deceive the nation.

Source: Abass Fuseini Sbaabe

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