1D1F: Petersfield to start Operations next week.

Petersfield and Rey Group Limited, one of the factories under the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) flagship program, One District One Factory (1D1F), situated in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem (KEEA) Municipality of the Central Region is expected to commence operations by next week.

This was disclosed to ghananewsonline.com.gh’s Central Regional correspondent, Kojo Ata Kakrah Abrowah, when he visited the site for first hand information on the facility on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

In an interview with the factory’s administrator, Henry Gyambibi, he said  the facility is about 90% completed and is expected  to be fully completed in two to three weeks.

According  to him, the facility, when fully completed, will process fruits such as watermelons, oranges, pineapples and lemons. It will also produce bottled and sachet water called “Reydrop”.

He said all was set for the water production “but we are only waiting for the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for inspection and certification. So we expect that by next week, they will come so that we can start with the manufacturing of the water.

“For the fruit processing, you can  see things for yourself, preparations are far advanced, just that it’s left with only one machine that we are expecting to be brought so that we start operations…. and even with that one, we hope to get it very soon,” Gyambibi stated.


The administrator disclosed further that the factory’s establishment started about four years ago as a private venture and upon the current government’s  initiative  of the1D1F policy, the management  embraced  the opportunity  and sent proposals  to the 1D1F Secretariat for consideration of which  it was approved.

Following that, he said a loan facility amounting  to Ghc 6.75m was secured from EXIM Bank upon their request.


On how and where the factory will get the raw materials,  the administrator  said “some 78 out growers  have been contracted and oriented  already  so they have all agreed to supply us with the raw materials, in fact, they can’t  even wait… they are so excited that we have set up this factory in their area to at least supply it with their  produce….so they can’t  wait, in fact they’ve  been calling  us everyday to find out when we’re going to start operations”

In addition, he said the factory will have its own nuclear farm where some 206 acres of land had been acquired  at Antado, a suburb  of Komenda to cultivate some of the raw materials  even though they are expecting  about 1,000 acres of land for that purpose.

“Aside that, Central Regional  Development  Commission  (CEDECOM) and Greenfield at Ekumfi are also going to supply us with fruits,  so as for the fruits, we are in good shape,” Henry Gyambibi assured.

In order to get steady supply  of fruits all year round, Mr Gyambibi said boreholes  and irrigation  dams will be constructed  at the various  farms to provide water for the cultivation  to meet the demands.


When asked the number  of employees  apart from the 78 outgrowers, he said “the factory for now is looking  forward  to employing 50 to 250 people,  both skilled and unskilled and as time goes on we employ more.

“It will surprise  you to know that we started  interviewing  the applicants  last week… we interviewed  about 50 plus people last Friday and application  letters  are still coming in… so whatever  you heard  about the factory is true and the factory is real. In fact I’m  very happy you’ve  come to see things for yourself” he gladly stated.


When taken round the facility, machines for the various  operations  were  seen fixed and some getting  fixed up by engineers and mechanics.

Setups  had been made at the various labs (for both the water and the fruits).

Madam Cynthia Amoah, who is the quality  control officer at the factory  explained  to the reporter that the factory would Make  sure it comes out with quality and healthy products,  hence the different kinds of laboratory such as microbiology  lab.

“Occasionally,  we test at an accredited  lab like UCC but inhouse, we check for PH for the water and conductivity  etc….they are all requirements  per FDA before the water goes out” Ms Amoah schooled the reporter.

Construction  works were  seen  seriously  ongoing on the warehouse  and steel benders were  also bending iron rods for the setting up of the weighing slap.

Source: Kojo Ata Kakrah  Abrowah || ghananewsonline.com.gh.


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