2020 Election: Blame prophesying Pastors over Possible NPP, NDC clash – Pastor

Prophet Elijah Appiah Frimpong, the General Overseer of Elijah Miracle Worship Center, headquartered in Sefwi Juaboso in the Western North Region of Ghana, has taken his fellow pastors to task over a possible NPP – NDC clash in 2020 after the crucial general elections in 2020.

He indicated that prophets in the country have been sharply divided over who wins the General Elections in 2020 and where as some are proclaiming a possible win for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), others do so for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the same election.

These prophecies, he maintained, had gotten stuck into the minds of party supporters, who are gearing themselves for this win. Subsequently, none of them will easily accept losing after the results are declared. This is because each party has been prophesied to by Ghanaian pastors and is prepared for a win

“This will be the bane of a possible clash between the two glamorous parties in the country,” he emphasized in an interview.


Noted for his miraculous service and knowledge in numbers, Prophet Elijah pointed out that 2020 is not going to be that easy since it will be full of surprises, both good and bad for Ghanaians including “a shocker” he refuse to reveal.

Probed further why he did not mention that shocker, Prophet Elijah Appiah Frimpong stated that by their proclamation, predictions and prophecies along this line, Ghanaian prophets have rendered God “a confused God”, which he is not. He said a prophet is one whose prophecies come true, citing 1Corinthian 14:32 – 34 and Jeremiah 28:9 to buttress his point. Displaying his knowledge in numbers Prophet Elijah as he is affectionately called, stated that 20 + 20 is equal to 40. A number which he pointed out had serious dimensions and implications both physically and spiritually. Thus, he said, was what was in store for Ghanaians in 2020

20+20 = 40

Equating the equation above to Ghana’s 2020, journey Prophet Elijah Stated that a lot was in store for Ghana this year.

He pointed out that life begins at 40. Jesus fasted for 40 days; Noah’s Ark was built in 40 days, water storm hit the earth for 40 days prior to Noah’s flooding and thereafter, first rain in 40 days, the tower of Babel built in 40 days, Jesus Ascended into heaven after 40 days Easter is celebrated in 40 days, Caleb spied the promised land at age 40, spiritually man gets fortified after 40 days. David ruled Israel for 40 years and Ezekiel suffered for Israel for 40 days and many more. All these, he noted, has significance on Ghana’s Journey in 2020

Good and Bad Year

Major Prophet Elijah Maintained that 2020 is both good and bad year for the country. According to him it is a good year for travelling as many Ghanaians will have the opportunity to travel but only a few are likely to return, with many dying as sojourners abroad. Also there will be random killing and increased death from KG to university, while killing of pregnant women for ritual purposes will abound. Also armed robbery will increase with their subsequent clash with the police.  He predicted that there would be massive kidnapping including big fishes throught out the country. He said he prophesized massive kidnapping in 2018 and that came to pass in 2019. Also there would be much flooding as Ghanaians do not take good care of river bodies.

Major Prophet Appiah stated that there would be massive divorce cases and their subsequent broken hearts and suicides. There would also be rise in the death of pastors, Politicians, Artistes, Musicians and many celebrities.

Obtainable on facebook, Elijah Appiah, instagram and  Telephone: 0248262636, Major Prophet Elijah, whose motto has been “ Nyame Beye Nyame ama Nakoa Aye Nakoa” maintained that the double standard prophecy on the 2020 election is not an indication that there would be a clash between the NDC and the NPP after. He argued that his colleagues could have hidden these declaration of the 2020 results revelation in their hearts as many did for the prophecies concerning Jesus.


The Major Prophet who celebrated his 12th Anniversary stay at Juaboso recently, indicated that he had to go through hell these years, but for God, he could not have survived 37 attempts on his life. These attempts, he maintained were from fellow pastors, who felt that he was a threat to them. According to him these temptations, spiritual in nature, were so devastating that but for his strength and belief in God, he could not have come this far.

However, through God’s Mercy and blessings, he is moving from strength to strength, rendering miracles, healing the sick and giving deliverance and salvation to the afflicted. What is more has tempters are no more Major prophet Elijah took   the opportunity to extend invitation to the afflicted to come to have encounter with him.

Source: S.O Ankamah


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