2020 Presidential Campaign Must Center on Ghana’s Economic Fundamentals

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Ghana Needs Corporate Makola Retail Economics and Not the Failed Micro PhD Voodoo Economics.

The economic fundamentals of every Nation are the abilities to consolidate the total money that comes into the National Cash basket and the judicious application of the basket, for the development of the Nation and for the over all interest of the People. Unambiguously, these monies that comes into the National basket must not include Loans, Grants and Aid. It must purely be internally generated funds. That is what belongs to us as a Nation. Whatever the quantum in terms of our local currency, is what we must plan all our budgetary allocations. We must cut our coat according to the size of our cloth and manage to balance the national budget.  We cannot continue the misguided habit of borrowing for everything without regard to the economic principle of a balanced budget. That is why we need to demand prudent economic management of the National economy without further borrowing.

At this point of our history when the PhD Micro Economists have failed our aspirations, we need to try the Corporate MAKOLA common sense economic system of buy and sell to make profit. As a Nation, we must understand that excessive borrowing is not healthy and reasonable economics without potential corresponding exports for repayments.

No currency thrives under an economy that survives on excessive borrowing and debt servicing. That obviously is the reason for the downward depreciation of the Ghana cedi against the US Dollar and all other major currencies of the world.

We can not do anything without money, and that is why we must demand a sound road map for Ghana’s economic revamping and growth, from all those who shows up entering the Presidential race in 2020. Ghanaians are tired with the NDC/NPP political deceptions, greed and selfishness. It is obvious that there are going to be Independent Presidential contestants alongside the Political party candidates. Each candidate must be given equal opportunity to participate in a special National debate on how they intend developing the Country within the economic Fundamentals of the Country, salvaging the economy with all its challenges of unemployment and corruption. Kwame Nkrumah at the struggle for Ghana’s independence said, “seek ye first the political kingdom and all other things shall be added unto us” Ghanaians have for 62 years, been struggling for economic freedom, and the people must be given the opportunity to decide the best person who can liberate Ghanaians from the several years of economic hopelessness to a promise land full of hope and opportunities.

Fellow Ghanaians, we should decide on a presidential candidate this time, based on ideas that can resonate and transform the economy to create the desired economic environment for our national development.

It is after we have been able to save and given opportunities to our people that we can talk about all the luxuries of life and by virtue, all things added unto us.

  1. A) We cannot conveniently talk about the endemic corruption problems when we have not solved the fundamental economic problems of Ghana.
  2. B) We cannot safely talk about the character decadence when we have not solved the fundamental economic problems of Ghana.
  3. C) We cannot solve the teeming Youth unemployment problem. When we have not solved the fundamental economic problems of Ghana.
  4. D) We cannot safely talk about Ghana beyond aid when we have not solved the fundamental economic problems of Ghana.

We should not be blinded by Political parties or Candidates nor Financial influence. Let us be guided by love of Country and the several years of political deceptions, Lies and economic enslavements under previous Governments.

By Ofori Ampofo

The writer is the President of the National Crusaders Alliance (NCA) and the Local President of the Ghana Leadership Union (GLU). He will soon launch an Independent Presidential Candidate Document for Change. A Gift for Ghana to Decide)

Secretary: Jeorge Wilson Kingson – Call 0244822034, and Join the Crusade)


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