8 Year Cycle in Governance; the time is ripe for a paradigm shift

The time has come for us to jettison this idea of a particular political party has been in office for 8 years and that it must be voted out for a different political party to take over.

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Transitioning from the military rule to the democratic rule, a lot of things have happened in the political history of Ghana. However, looking at it from the following chronological order/event:

1966 – 1969 = Joseph A. Ankrah
1969-1970= Akwasi A. Afrifa
1970. =Nii Armah Ollenu
1970-1972=Edward Akuffo
1972-1978=Ignatius Acheampong
1978-1979=Fred Akuffo
1979-1981=J.J Rawlings
1981-1992=J.J Rawlings

It can be concluded that the military rule ( take-overs) have done our dear nation more harm than good. In all, the military rule in Ghana lasted for a whopping 26years.

Now, zeroing in to the germane subject matter, it is imperative to state that, the 1992 era then ushered Ghana into the 4th Republican state whereby constitutionalism, rule of rule, and constitution featured prominently in our governance system. The year 1992 sought to give birth to the current Constitution of our country. However, the 1992 Constitution of Ghana also makes it possible for elections both Presidential and Parliamentary to be conducted in every 4 years intervals to as it were, consolidate our democratic governance and political accountability to the Ghanaian electorates.

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Ever since the rule of law, constitutionalism, constitutionality, constitution, and democracy was adopted by us (we the people of Ghana) in 1992, successfully, we have been changing our governments through elections in every 4 years. However, the Constitution also allows the sitting President to re-contest the election for the second time as that has been the case for solid 30 years now. In fact, beyond the maximum period of 8years, the sitting President can’t stand for President in an election again. This is rigidly and strictly prohibited and frowned upon by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

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Again, clearly, another emerging phenomenon in our political landscape is that, political parties are given only 2 terms to rule after which are thrown out of office in this country. Seemingly, this is gradually becoming a convention and practice in our political engagement in Ghana.

I, strongly find it hard to see the positive impacts out-weighing the negatives of this system. Today, all that you hear some political pundits and politicians talk about is that, this system paves the way for political accountability. I shudder to believe that that is the case. Also, on a personable grounds, I don’t see that being fulfilled or achieved in our political history.

As a citizen and not a spectator as our President Nana Akufo-Addo said, I am with the greatest of respect and humility, appealing to the ghanaian electorates to seriously re-consider this convention and practice of changing political parties after 8 years of office.

Apparently, that practice has its own devastating effects on our economic growth and development. However, one example of such devastating effects is the case that, it destroys the finest policies and programmes of the existing (ruling) government. Again, one dangerous aspect of the whole system is also that, it retards the progress of the country since new policies and programmes have to be formulated by the new government to get the country on truck.

In conclusion, I want to reinforce the calling that, it is high time as Ghanaians we changed or modified this system. In fact, when it is observed by us that a particular government is ruling the country to our like and satisfaction, we allow it to continue to rule and send the country to a land of prosperity, progress, development, and growth. The time has come for us to jettison this idea of a particular political party has been in office for 8 years and that it must be voted out for a different political party to take over. In fact, we all agree to the Constitution where it says that a president has a maximum of two terms of office but not including a political party in that restriction.

By Reuben Justice Adusei
Citizen, Derma.

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