9 Students benefit from Speaker Oquaye’s Scholarship Program

The Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, Rt. Hon. Professor Aaron Mike Oquaye on Thursday, March 28, held a send-off meeting with nine Ghanaian students who would be traveling to Serbia, to begin their professional studies in different disciplines of education.

The students comprised of five girls and four boys happened to be the first batch of the Speaker’s Ghana-Serbia Scholarship program.

They would study various disciplines including Masters and Degrees in Industrial/Civil Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science and Medicine, among other courses.
In a remarks before the beneficiary students embark on their journey, Prof Mike Oquaye admonished them not to go and involved themselves in internal politics of Serbia but rather stick to their books.

”I will take this opportunity to entreat you not to get involved in internal politics of Serbia. Concentrate on your academic work and come back home with flying colors. Serbia is one of the countries that trained some of our doctors and several engineers. I know some of the beneficiaries of the Ghana-Serbia relations and I think you are also going for same, and this time through the Speaker of parliament,” the Speaker said.

He stated that Ghana and Serbia have long-standing relations dating back during the First President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah regime, but along the line, the strong relations slow down due to the Kosovo uprising when Ghana took a stance base on international policy.
He further entreated the students to comport themselves while making friends, stressing that even though they are going there as students, they are also Ambassadors representing the interest of Ghana and therefore must behave responsibly and not engaged in anything that would affect the two nations bilateral relations.
“When you get there, you will accosted to where you will be, but study hard, behave well, know your limits and go by the rules. Expect that next year some of your colleagues too will be joining you,” the Speaker added.

He also urged the students to come back after their years of studies to help build the economy with their acquired knowledge.

Mr Steve Mawuenga, Coordinator of the Ghana-Serbia Speaker Scholarship, said the beneficiary students were selected randomly across the country based on the specific interest of the country and on diplomatic needs.

He, however, used the opportunity to advise the students to conduct themselves devoid of bad behavior so they could achieve the purpose of their presence in Serbia.
Master Dennis Bortei Doku, a former student of Pentecost Senior High School on behalf of his colleagues expressed gratitude to the Speaker of Parliament for the opportunity granted to them and promised they would uphold the two nation relations and as well study hard to come back with success.

The Scholarship, the Speaker said was granted to Ghana when he paid an official visit to Serbia sometime last year and had a discussion with the President of Serbia, adding that the benefits were part of Parliamentary diplomacy.

The beneficiary students were initially ten in number but for a specific reason(s) the tenth student was not present at the meeting with the speaker.

Source: Felix Nyaaba || therepublicnewsonline.com

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