A former President is plotting to kill Wontumi, Ken Agyapong, others for political power – Owusu Bempah alleges

A former President of the Republic, who is keen on achieving a heart desire, is on a mission to kill five prominent Ghanaians whom he believes to be stumbling blocks in his pursuit of political power, founder of the Glorious Word Power Ministry International, Isaac Owusu Bempah has said.

The outspoken religious leader, Prophet Owusu Bempah claims the said former President of the country has purposed in his heart to do all it takes to take control of the reigns of government one more time hence, his decision to ‘clear’ any stumbling block.

Describing how the former President intends eliminating one of the five persons mentioned, the head pastor of the Glorious Word Power Ministry International divulged that the person will be murdered by assassins hired by the unnamed former President.

Addressing his congregation in a video that has since gone viral and is in the possession of ABC News, Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah remarked, “A certain individual in Ghana wants to kill some people in this nation so he will achieve his vision. All those who have been penned down to be killed, God has disclosed their identities to me. I’m going to give the details today. That person is an Ex-president. He is the one who wants to embark on that mission.”

“If these people are not careful in 2020, they will die, not through sickness or God’s will. I have mentioned it before but people doubted me. This morning I received a call from one of the people whose lives an ex-president wants to take and he referred me to the earlier disclosure I made on Oman FM. He went on to say that this morning, he got confirmation,” he added.

Announcing the names of the persons whose lives are in danger, the self-acclaimed Prophet stated, “These people should be very careful. In Kumasi, Chairman Wontumi. They want to kill him. They have planned to have people attack and kill him. This is the doing of an ex-president because he knows if this man is there, his ambition, his vision will never materialise. Ken Agyapong should be very careful, Abronya should be careful, Ernest Owusu Bempah should be careful and Apostle Dr Owusu Bempah too.”

His prophecy he admitted, will attract some condemnation from sections of the public and other religious leaders but warned that anyone who will abuse him for divulging the information will be cursed by God because he is doing His will.

“I know this thing I am saying some people will abuse me including some men of God. But because I am speaking the word of God and doing his will, God will curse you and it will be obvious for all to see.”

“Someone is working against these people to take their lives” he declared stating repeatedly, “It will never work”. “he can never succeed”

Source: ABCNewsGh.com 

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