A Letter of Appreciation to NANA

Thank you NANA for your continuous care you shower on teachers. Continue your great job for us; increase our working hours without increasing salary; Take us to court for demanding our arrears and tell us its illegal for teachers to go on strike; Let teachers use their own money to buy notebooks; change syllabuses without bringing their replacements.

Thank you for paying teachers arrears in words; we know you finished payment three years ago. Thank you for your extraordinary policies which would give districts the opportunity to construct their own educational goals instead of national goals; They are very good policies because it will enable you politicians to employ only your party faithfuls as you’ve been doing in some sectors such as the security and the lot others; We understand that the current educational policies do not countenance that, and so you need to change it to suit your own political sycophancies.

Thank you for your greatest achievement in the educational sector for giving us a Dr of Dentition, a man with the best of wisdom, to man the affairs of education and actually be the minister of education. With this very man, almost all teachers have voted you already to continue with your unprecedented work in education and for teachers; His respect for teachers, his messages to teachers, and general notion about teachers, which you cherish so much is, in fact, one of its kind.

Soon JHS teachers will have their workshop on your new curriculum. We know how you handle teachers and that one alone is a plus for you towards your winning of election 2020.

Nana, no need to tell us how you love and care for teachers; We know too much; Don’t market yourself anymore because your work is doing that already and will continue saaaaaaa. Ayekoooooo!!!

A Basic School Teacher

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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