A-Plus and his latest Publicity Stunt: Who Benefits From This Wanton Chicanery? 

For his latest publicity stunt, I want to congratulate A Plus, that was beyond brilliant, it only goes to reaffirm what an attention-seeking freak he is and the extent he is willing to go to get that attention even if it means painting such a bad picture of the government and derailing all the efforts the president is making to build this country. Just today it was reported that 2nd quarter GDP growth has ballooned from 6.6% to some 9%, this is worth a bottle of champagne (non-alcoholic of course), but before we could even savour the glory and heap some praises on the president and the EMT, a certain A-Plus was here to take away the glory and replaced it with some bizarre obscurity. What was his motivation? To cloud the president’s with cheap shenanigans?

Dr. Anyah (Korle Bu Ceo) And His Boy A Plus: Saboteurs Or Helpers? 

The question needs to be answered, whether A Plus and his boss are here to help us implement the change agenda, here to pursue their own ‘parochialities’ or they’re just saboteurs who’ll go to the ends of the earth to sabotage every progress we are making by giving us bad news anytime we have something worthy of celebration. First it was right after our successful congress, and now when our EMT have given us something to celebrate.

I have listened to the tape, and I don’t need anyone to tell me bits and pieces of audio bites were strung together in a desperate attempt to salvage his dented public image after the humiliation he suffered in the eyes of the public. The stunt he pulled in the doctored audio was just a cheap attempt, another concoction to corroborate and justify the first one. I was actually hoping to hear him say in the tape that he’s withdrawn from the BOST contract, for that I must say I was disappointed. I felt sorry for the policewoman, how he recorded her without her consent and how he went on to doctor part of the recordings and how he leaked it to the public, he must be very bold or must have some very powerful forces behind him. This is a man whose image and ego have been badly bruised, and has his reputation and credibility tattered. He would do anything with the support of some equally misguided elements to salvage whatever identifiable pieces of credibility left to boost his image.

But I think the people who deserve the most congratulations, the unsung heroes, are those people who cheer A-Plus on young party people Abd foot soldiers mainly, and adults lurking in the shadows and providing him all the moral support and assurances. Your reward is with Euthania and Plutus, you’re the real MVPs. Rather unfortunate how genuine patriots haven’t had a scintilla of the opportunities that A Plus has had. I must also add, that I am not the least amused and perturbed by the shenanigans of A Plus as I am by that of those who cheer him on and the CEO who made him a party to this.

I have said this before and the exigencies of the times demand that I re-echo the point home, the NDC seems to be at sixes and sevens, and we have a government that is doing well and has its priorities right, chances are that we will be able to fulfill most of our manifesto promises in our first term. Yet, that is not a guarantee for victory in the next elections. As it stands now, the biggest threat to the NPP is the NPP; yes, those NPP who for whatever personal agenda would love to keep our name in the news for the most silly of reasons. People are so vindictive and so insecure such that it is only by facilitating the downfall of others that they can feel powerful and genuinely accomplished.

I do not want to caution these people, they should continue to raise more A-Pluses, and in the event of the unfortunate and the unlikely happening, we will be here with them all and we will forever remind them. Instead of people to work for the success of the president, we are so much preoccupied by how to get others out, how to pull others down and about how to alienate others and give them a bad name causing so much acrimony in the process. Keep plotting, keep destroying each other, there’s another home called opposition and no political party is above it. Those of you who are cheering A Plus on and giving him all the support, I hope you’re happy and proud of yourselves. I hope you’re happy with what you have achieved together today and this far. Just look at the wicked extent he’s being pushed to bring others down.

The Issues. 

Under the NDC and the immediate former CEO of Korle Bu, a contract was signed with Unibank Ghana to help with revenue collection, this was to seal avenues used by others to steal from the hospital, so the past management found it prudent enough to hand over the business of revenue collection to Unibank. The new management came in under the new CEO Dr. Anyah who decided to abrogate the contract with the bank and hand it over to a new bank for whatever reason. UNIBANK had already invested so much money into building a system to help them with this revenue collection and abrogating the contract would’ve affected them immensely and was a potential judgement debt case.

UNIBANK petitioned the presidency to intervene and that was how Asenso and Abu Jinapor came in to save the situation to ensure UNIBANK keeps the contract as per the existing arrangement. That obviously didn’t go down well with the new CEO who felt his powers were being usurped. Interestingly, this new CEO happens to be the boss or godfather or whatever they call it of A Plus, this is public knowledge and that was how A Plus came into the picture. Now UNIBANK is rumored to belong to Kwabena Dufuor, former finance minister under the erstwhile late Prof. Mills administration, imagine the uproar if we had allowed the new CEO Dr. Anyah, A Plus’ boss to have gone ahead to cancel the contract. The same people shouting corruption today will be the same people screaming “political vendetta……political witch hunting and unwarranted persecution”. Indeed, the intervention of Abu and Asenso to ensure the contract was maintained in its original form saved us from another avoidable looming judgement debt. How does taking action to save the nation tantamount to corruption? Should we have allowed A Plus and his boss to unilaterally abrogate the contract? Who’d have paid for any judgment debt? Himself and A Plus? Must we destroy businesses that are perceived to belong to our opponents just because we have power? We cannot sit aloof and watch A Plus and his boss go about abrogating contracts of Ghanaian firms that have done nothing wrong against our laws. So A Plus has grown so big, he has metamorphosed into such a deadly fearsome monster such that hat he can now go about canceling people’s contract and we all watch out of fear?

In any case, what was A Plus’ locus in a matter involving UNIBANK and Korle Bu? Does A Plus work at Korle Bu? What was A Plus’ interest? I think both A Plus and Dr. Anyah must explain to the public why they wanted to stop the contract.

What I find intriguing here, and I’ll believe you’ll be intrigued too is the fact that, UNIBANK had similar arrangements with Dr. Aniyah’s private hospital before he was appointed CEO of Korle Bu. Along the line things didn’t go as planned and UNIBANK had to pull out. He became CEO and the first thing he wanted to do was to abrogate the contract obviously to prove to UNIBANK that he’s the man in charge and it was payback time. The question is, if Dr. Anyah has issues with UNIBANK must he use his new office to settle such scores to the detriment of the state? Whose interest would he be serving by abrogating the contract really? Must all appointed CEOs drag their boys into official duties, equip them with documents to skew narratives and public discussions to favor them? If all CEOs decide to do this, who’ll find time to do the job needed. What sort of pettiness is this? Are CEOs appointed to intimidate other institutions and individuals?

A Plus should please do us a favour and help us unravel the following: what is the corruption about? How was the matter resolved after the petition by UNIBANK to the presidency? Was the contract taken from them and given to a new firm or they were maintained? What is the interest of Dr. Anyah and A Plus such that they could throw all caution to the wind and insist on ending the contract? These questions are the issues that must be answered and I hope our journalists would help us by impressing upon Dr. Anyah and A Plus to answer.

It is just about time people get used to both Samuel A. Jinapor and Francis Asenso-Boakye, they’ll be here till the end, they’re not going anywhere. It is Allah who put them in those positions and He will protect them to the end. God’s blessings are infinite, they’re immeasurable, instead of fighting that which He’s bestowed on others, pray for yours. The most annoying aspect of this all, is that it is the people who are benefiting directly from the power, who have appointments and are getting the contracts together with their minions that are fighting others. If you have an appointment yet feel the need to fight others, what about those with nothing? Can you for once be grateful and show gratitude? And if you’re such type that you derive pleasure, fulfillment and accomplishment from the fall of others, I can assure you, you’ll be disappointed forever.

Instead of these baseless and silly allegations, I think we should celebrate both Abu Jinapor and Asenso for their role in this matter and if no one will, I Mustapha Hameed Musty will.

Source: Mustapha Hameed




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