Abandoning of National Projects: Is It Our Destiny Or Deliberate Acts?

It can never be our destiny but deliberate. So why? Why can’t the laws of the Country hold officials of state responsible and accountable for their stewardship? Why is Ghana bleeding so profusely with impunity? HOW LONG CAN WE GIVE IT TO GOD? IS NDC /NPP REALLY SERIOUS ON GHANA?

When the CPP government of Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown, the Military Junta, abandoned all uncompleted National projects under construction, Housing and industries. Successive Governments have not learnt lessons out of such wicked and mischievous direction and how it affected National development. Especially unemployment.

When Kofi Abrefa Busia took office as Prime Minister from the military Junta, he started two major projects i.e. The ambitious Accra storm drain project which created hundreds of manual labors. That was abruptly abandoned midway by the Israeli contracting expects when Egypt and Israeli war broke out and Ghana Government supported the Arabs against the Israelites. Colonel I. K. Acheampong later overthrew Busia’s Progress party Government and never bothered to revisit that ambitious project. This project would have solved the frequent flooding in parts of Accra any time it rains and at the same time drastically eliminate the mosquito havens and reduce importation of the deadly Malaria drugs with hard earned foreign exchange.

The other initiative which was very dear to the heart of Busia was the Center for Civic Education. This project has been made very dormant as a result of the wicked and careless leaderships we have had even under 27 years of democratic Governance. Just like Kwame Nkrumah’s Mass education program, Kofi Abrefa Busia envisioned a total informed civil society population by the Center for Civic education. The center has however been left unfunded since his overthrow at the detriment of Ghana. Not even successive civilian administrations have done much to revive the activities of the center. In my candid opinion, our leaders would prefer dealing with illiterates than an informed population.

When J.A Kufuor took office as President, in 2000, he started a huge housing project in Kumasi, never competed before he left office in 2008. Again, and as if by designed culture, the Mills and Mahama eight years from 2008­ to 2016 abandoned that housing project and started another housing project in Saglemi never completed until political power was transferred to the NPP administration in 2016.

President Akufo-Addo took over two and half years ago and conflicting stories are being told about the abandoned Saglemi housing project. No one knows who is telling the truth as information about how funds meant for the project has been disbursed so far are scanty. The NDC is saying a different thing while the sector minister for housing Samuel Atta Akyea at a press conference recently, also said a different thing. Bottom line question is why has successive governments after Kwame Nkrumah been so wicked, greedy and selfish to only think of their personal gains? As it were, all the noise being made about the original contractual agreement of five thousand units  at the cost of Two hundred million dollars vis a vie the  supposedly revised agreement slashing the quantity of units down to 1,500 for the same money without Parliamentary approval, shall eventually die out as nobody’s business.

Why do we run the business of our Nation under such mediocrity? Despite all above wastage, the Akufo-Addo Government also, might soon contract the Chinese to start another housing project which they know will not be completed before they leave office, I will not be surprised. What a Nation.

In the long run, Saglemi will forever be abandoned as the Kumasi project, and ultimately the Nation Ghana and the people will suffer the attended losses. The sad cultural project abandonment under successive governments, have happened also on road constructions rendering Ghana to decide between NDC/NPP paying huge sums of Judgement debts without any body being reprimanded for causing financial loss to the State. The Leadership of both the NDC and the NPP have only taken and will forever continue to take Ghana for a Jolly ride for as long as the Laws of the land do not hold any of the Leaderships accountable for financial losses to the State and have them imprisoned, and their ill-gotten assets confiscate .

By Samuel Ofori Ampofo

Samuel Ofori Ampofo is the President of the National Crusaders Alliance (NCA) and the Local President of the Ghana Leadership Union (GLU). He will soon launch an Independent Presidential document for change. A gift for Ghana to decide.

Join the crusade for Change. Call Jeorge Wilson Kingson (the Secretary) on 0244822034


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