Abu Jinapor donates Brass Band to Yapei – Kusawgu NPP Youth

As part of New Patriotic Party (NPP) activities in Yapei-Kusawgu constituency of the Northern Region, the Youth of Yapei last Wednesday received a set of brass band donated by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Abdulai Jinapor.

The presentation was done by the regional Youth Organizer Alhassan Ghana together with his constituency Youth Commander Issahaku Musah.

The regional Youth Organizer thanked the youth and everybody especially the Deputy Chief Of Staff for his relentless efforts in developing the party in Gonjaland and beyond.

He cautioned the youth to handle the brass band with care to ensure its durability.

The party took to the principal streets of Yapei in great merriment as they visited polling station executives.

The excitement of women at the toll booth was overwhelming.

The Nasara coordinator and his deputy, the woman Organizer, second vice chairman, chief Jawupewura, Hon Malik Mankir and some polling station executives and opinion leaders in Yapei town all joined the jamboree through town.


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