Addressing the stark realities of American Life

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Dear Brothers and Sisters. On the world stage, Americans like to present themselves as benevolent, kind, resilient toward peace and prosperity, while being dedicated to equality and equal justice for all.

Sounds great and always has but turning of the charm of deception and addressing the stark realities of American life, one cannot help but conclude that America’s claim to the characteristics above are flat lies.

I live here in the US and see US schools still segregated by race; wherein black students receive less resources than their White counterparts.

Blacks still earn less than whites in wages and blacks are less likely to obtain financing for home purchases or to pursue business opportunities; even where qualifiers are equal.

Blacks make up about 12% of the US population but blacks represent about 46% of the US prison population.

A black criminal defendant, having the same criminal history as a white criminal defendant, will receive about 3 to 5 years added on to his sentence, due to his race.

A unarmed blacks are routinely killed by US police action, more than any other racial group; even where a white person has a record of violence.

White neighborhoods are not welcoming to blacks, generally, and white churches, even those with missionaries in YOUR country, DO NOT welcome blacks in their congregations.

Even blacks serving in the US military, since the 1700’s still face relentless racism and discrimination.

And please note that the US police ranks are made up of the same racists who support politicians in suppression of African American voting

On the US college campuses and universities, blacks again are not welcome, except black athletes and then ONLY when engaged in sports.

Now they ask you to allow access to your sacred.

Brothers and Sisters, American politicians, especially hateful racists Republican Party members come to you with $20,000,000, while some US football coaches make at least that every ear.

Don’t let them in your, beautiful land.

By John A. El- Amin ||

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