Agripower introduces drones technology into farming in Ghana

Agripower Ghana Limited has introduced the use of drones in agriculture production to improve yield and make life easier for farmers in the country.

The new technology is expected to help in an effective and precise crop spraying in an extremely large area of land for proper crop growth.
The highly refined drone technology makes use of a plethora of sensors including thermal, multispectral, and hyperspectral varieties to analyse and pinpoint the specific crops that are dehydrated, in addition to measuring the density, heat signature, and overall health of the field as a whole to provide a comprehensive overview for farmers and producers.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Agripower Ghana Limited, Samuel Seidu said it was time to adopt technology to advance the country’s agricultural production.
“The world is changing and agriculture production is also changing, farmers need to embrace this new change to improve yields.”
“With the drones, labour on the farms and its costs would be reduced drastically with guaranteed high yields,’’ he said
Mr.  Seidu said the introduction of the drone system was in support of government’s laudable ‘Planting for food and jobs’ programme.
He added that “with the drones, fertilizer application on the farms will also be more accurate and efficient.”
How will the drones help farmers?
For centuries, crop spraying has been an arduous and burdensome endeavor for farmers and agricultural production companies.
Crop spraying involves covering extremely large expanses of land comprehensively to ensure the proper growth of crops.
In addition to being a laborious duty, crop spraying utilizes many harsh chemicals that pose dangers to human health with continued exposure.
Drone technology is a much safer alternative, incorporating ultrasonic, light detection and grounding lasers that offer immense relief to farmers via precision crop spraying that is five times faster than traditional crop spraying.
Utilizing state-of-the-art topographical scanning, agricultural drones dispense the optimal amount of fluid to ensure even coverage for proper crop growth without unnecessary waste.
The monitoring of crops is an ongoing endeavor that is critical to the success of healthy and robust bounties.
For farmers and producers of yesteryear, the observing of crops has been a problematic endeavour due to the navigating of vast swaths of land on foot. Further exacerbating difficulties in monitoring crops and fields are inclement weather conditions that can result in an inability to check on crops.
Today’s drone technology offers agricultural producers a way to monitor crops in a highly efficient, low-risk way with precision imagery available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week readily displaying any problematic crop areas or areas in need of improvement.
Importantly, drones also provide an incredible amount of relief for works within agriculture by reducing man-powered crop spraying, planting, and field monitoring while also increasing safety and overall health of workers.
Agripower Ghana Limited is an agriculture driven company aimed at reconciling ecological organic farming with economic efficiency.
Its goal is the development of organic fertilizers and plant additives to ensure the production of healthy, tasty and nutritious fruits as well as vegetables.

Agripower has developed a dual fertilizer system that increases the quality, taste, nutrients and the quantity and shelf life of the harvested products in a 100% ecological way.


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