On Aisha Huang: Sometimes We we get it Horribly Wrong

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And on this occasion, I’m convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the principal actors have misfired. Call me naive, but I believe that the fight against illegal mining (Galamsey) was making significant progress until En Huang, a.k.a. Aisha and four other Chinese nationals, were deported, after the state filed a nolle prosequi to discontinue their trial.

They were on trial for their involvement in Galamsey at Bepotenten in the Amansie Central District in the Ashanti Region.

The unpopular decision to free them has left a sour taste with many, and now a further bitter pill has been shoved down our throats following, Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo-Maafo’s, comment that jailing ‘Aisha’ was not important as it was not going to solve Ghana’s economic problems.

He made this point, when he addressed a recent town hall meeting at the DC Town Hall, Washington on April, 14. In a trending video, he is heard justifying the decision to deport Aisha in December last year.

“We have a very good relationship with China. Today, the main company that is helping develop the infrastructure system in Ghana is Sinohydro, it is a Chinese Company. It is the one that is going to help process our bauxite and provide about two billion dollars to us.”

“So when there are these kinds of arrangements, there are other things behind the scenes. Putting that lady (Aisha) in jail in Ghana is not going to solve your economic problems. It is not going to make you happy or me happy, that’s not important, the most important thing is that she has been deported from Ghana…”

“…I am saying that there are many other things beyond what we see in these matters and everybody is wide awake, the most important thing is that we have banned this, we have established regulations and we are protecting our environment. That is far more important than one Chinese woman who has been deported out of the country”.

Meanwhile, it is instructive to reflect on what Shi Ting Wang, The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana said at a public lecture in Cape Coast regarding the matter. To begin with, he has questioned how foreigners would be able to determine gold deposits without the support of the indigenous people.

He argues that the Chinese will not be successful in galamsey without the support of Ghanaians!

True talk.

It is my considered opinion that we’ve got it all twisted. Better late than never. Some corrective action needs to be initiated. Now!

Source: Peter Agbeko

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