Reasons Akufo-Addo is Bleeding while John Mahama is soaring

As captured in the NDC’s manifesto John Mahama promised: to abolish the mandatory national service and teacher licensure examinations for graduates of the Colleges of Education.

Nana Addo: now asked for suspension of licensure examination for this year.

As captured in the NDC’s manifesto John Mahama promised: to scrap communications service tax, CST.

Nana Addo: now asked for CST to be reduced from 9% to 5%

As captured in the NDC’s manifesto Mahama promised: to legalize and regulate okada business.

Nana Addo: now consulting stakeholders to legalize okada business.

As captured in the NDC’s manifesto Mahama promised: to abolish double track system and extend free shs to private schools.

Nana addo: now consulting with the owners of private schools.

As captured in the NDC’s manifesto Mahama promised: to review the Customs (Amendment) Act, 2020 (Act 1014) to scrap the law banning the

importation of salvaged vehicles aka “home use cars”. This will save the local automotive industry, especially Suame Magazine, Kokompe and Abossey Okai from collapse.

Nana addo: now asked Act, 2020 (Act 1014) banning importation of salvaged vehicles aka “home use cars” to be suspended.

So, I ask who’s in charge of Ghana RIGHT now? It’s obvious, John Dramani Mahama!

Communications Service Tax levied on Ghanaians, hitherto, phone calls were very cheap , then CST was slapped on us by nana addo led government, today, government want it reduced from 9% to 5% after ndc saw the need to scrap it , is that how a listening government should behave?

Okada business that Akufo-Addo & Bawumia led government says over their dead body they won’t legalize, today they’re telling us they’re consulting with the stakeholders in order to legalize it.

The importation of salvaged vehicles that was banned by akuffo addo, now government has suspended Act 1014.

They’re also consulting with the owners of private secondary schools to extend free shs to them.

I listened to incoming President John D. Mahama on Accra based radio station, Class fm. When the host, Benjamin Akakpo asked him will he abolish free shs as those from the npp are alleging . Mr. Mahama’s response was, he started with the free shs ,progressively ….and how will he abolish something he had started. Indeed, the npp accused him of spending ghc39 million on implementation of progressive free shs, so why are they now claiming ownership of something they’ve accused him of spending so much on?

He explained also that the E-blocks he had started which is now overgrown by weeds, if they’ve continued in that spirit,. The administration blocks, the dinning halls, dormitories, .It won’t take more than six months to complete these projects judging from where they’ve all reached,..and there wouldn’t be anything like double track system.

As a serious government should you have abandoned all those projects – in fact, drawing from our constitution under the directive principles of the state policy , it says “As far as practicable, a government shall continue and execute projects and programmes commenced by the previous Governments.”

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So, you see!

We can’t continue on this way – behaving like ostriches!

And Mr. Mahama said he was happy the npp is implementing the NDC’s manifesto.

Why? On one leg they said the NDC’s manifesto is empty and on the other leg they’re implementing the manifesto they said was empty.

Reasons Akufo-Addo is Bleeding while John Mahama is soaring
Reasons Akufo-Addo is Bleeding while John Mahama is soaring


Ghanaians can now see clearly whose manifesto is indeed empty in Ghana today!

The NPP had outsourced its manifesto from South Africa which make it difficult for Ghanaians to relate to!

In the case of President Mahama he went out on a #Speak out tour, because he said the days of sitting in Accra to determine what our people’s needs are at the country sides are over and gone. Yes, he went out with his manifesto team, engaged all concerned groups, chiefs, opinion leaders, individuals, etc, listened to their needs and concerns.

On that tour Ghanaians told him they want A, B, C and D ,..and he promised them that their needs would be captured and addressed – indeed I am not surprised that the NDC’s manifesto was christened the People’s manifesto.

It was at that #speak out tour where the okada business operators put before him their challenges, that they’re always been harassed by the uniform men and women, so for that reasons they are always dodging them, and that is why they don’t respect the traffic regulations, even when they’re in traffic and it signals red they don’t stop to dodge been arrested, causing accidents most often.

Then, Mr. Mahama said, yes, others use this same motor bikes for delivery services, and to go to work, etc, so, why can’t we legalize and regulate the commercial part of it. By training the operators, making sure they’ve insurance cover , so that all those who use this mode of transportation are insured and covered , etc.

John Mahama John Mahama John Mahama John Mahama


Ghana must work again!!

Rescue mission!!!

By Kofi Azumah Xornam aka Zumzum

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