Akufo-Addo now Owns the Soul of the NPP – Its Consequences on NPP Internal Politics

Corruption is rampant in the administration of Akufo-Addo so is nepotism, or favouritism granted to family members, friends and cronies. This has resulted in bias in decision making, unfair treatment and losses to company’s performance. Ghanaian workers have become demotivated, feel alienated and lacking confidence because of this trend. The practice has weakened the system, damaged our image on the international stage and affecting the economy. The President has appointed his cousins and other family members to occupy all the juicy positions. His daughter is part of his administration and his brother and a cousin are the main brokers when it comes to government contracts. They have taken over the oil, gas and energy sectors. We all know that money can buy an election.

The plan of the President, his cronies, and family members is to establish a political dynasty within the NPP in which several family members will be involved in politics and businesses. Members have started acquiring resources, land, and economic influence here and outside our borders in order to become economically powerful and have gained control over key projects and initiatives. This small group of people eagerly and proactively suggests and pursue functions, activities or projects that are of questionable value to try to enhance legitimacy and future value.

President Akufo-Addo and his faction have become the most powerful group in the NPP. They have become unimaginably wealthy. I have heard of a diabolically ingenious little stratagem that shows how determined they are to keep the cash flowing in. Naturally, the beneficiaries of this agenda all look wide eyed and at times innocent when challenged and they argue cogently that they have been chosen on merit, not family connections. Building internal empires and dynasties is not alien to multiparty democracy. In the United States for instance, many political dynasties (having at least two generations serving in political office) have arisen since the country’s founding. We can mention these families; Adams, Harrison, Roosevelt, Bush. All have had two members that served as President of the United States. In Africa, we can mention the Bongos, the Eyademas, the Kabilas etc etc. Kabila has huge influence when it comes to politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo because of the family’s wealth and connections and preparing to come back. We can also mention the Johnsons in Liberia, the Santos in Angola on and on.

Practicing this phenomenon on tribal, ethnic and family lines creates unnecessary tension in our political parties and this is what is happening in the Npp. Members will always deny the existence of blocks in the party but a novice in the political game can easily mention the blocks. One of the most important reasons why the Akufo-Addo faction will remain of huge force within the NPP and going to control the soul and destiny of that political organization, is that it can at all times raise millions of dollars from their investments to manipulate their internal elections, intimidate their opponents and pay for their lavish internal election campaign. At the national level, the story will be different. Ghanaians have become politically sophisticated and such unethical moves will rather make them angry. The dynamics at the national level is sharply different.

They can easily manipulate internal activities of the party and control its central engine with their wealth, they will bribe delegates to vote for their preferred candidates and will finance activities of the party. These moves will bury the other block but will eventually weaken the party and make it unattractive to level headed Ghanaians. Yes, we have blocks in all the parties including the largest opposition party, the NDC. The difference is the lines, tribal, ideological or personal or groups ambition.We saw the canker in the PNP, the PFP even the CPP and the Progress party. The PNP’s issue was purely ideological but the PFP went through same Pro-JB versus the other block hell leading to the formation of the UNC. How long one has been in politics became an issue. Interestingly, Victor was also pushed by a group of lawyers to lead the Progress Party but he wisely rejected that agenda. We phenomenon pertains in all the big political parties in the world. Recently we saw what happened in the conservative party.

In the labour party, the battle about who owns the soul of the party is ongoing. Lansman told a meeting of Momentum supporters that he wanted to get archivists in key positions to ensure the correct Corbyn succession. He also outlined a plan whereby the Union Unite affiliates to Momentum via Len McCluskey’s reelection as Unite leader. The desire and plan to put J.B Danquah above all the forebears of the UP tradition has been there since Adam. This is the first time his block is having the opportunity to execute that agenda. The lectures, the currency designs, the new holidays, renaming of state properties etc are all part of the well planned agenda. The Busia block is sinking and will sink deeper if it allows the other block to dominate their internal space. I don’t know if Nana Akufo-Addo will go for a second term, and will not attempt any baseless predictions here. But if he says goodbye to the game, I forsee a member of his block selected a Vice Presidential candidate.

The person may not be a family member but a close confidant. ( A man or a woman). Kufour established an all inclusive government and did not handle the party on block lines. He had his preferred candidate but handled it meticulously. May be that is what has weakened his faction but he still remains a force in the Npp because of the maturity he exhibited. Yea, some of his apostles have been appointed into the current administration but is that enough? The budget of a ministry or an agency must be looked at when discussing these dynamics. The Busia and Dombo blocks are dead and buried. We going to see real democratic deficit in the Npp where there will not be any functioning internal opposition. The NPP contracted a loan from Prudential Bank to support its campaign which is normal. When go back to opposition, and it falls into financial crisis, it will have no option but to fall on Akufo-Addo and his filthily rich apostles. They will then take advantage of the situation to manipulate the system to their advantage.

What is the other faction doing to end this sinking trend? If nothing concrete is done, then expect the Danquah/Akufo-Addo faction to dominate, control and manipulate NPP internal politics for decades.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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