Akufo-Addo using Ministerial Reshuffle to Divert Public Discourse from the Raging Questions on the Ameri and Numerous Scandals, Manifest Sleaze(S) and Overall Failures Ii Governance

Cabinet or Ministerial reshuffles happen for a variety of reasons. In governance, periodically, reshuffles are made by the executive to replace ministers, who have resigned, retired or died. To refresh the government, an executive may rotate or change the composition of ministers in his cabinet or government.

President Nana Akufo-Addo has made few change in his government. It is now a notorious fact that the whole essence of the flimsy and musical chairs game was to cause public misperception, ‘change the topic’, and divert international and national discourse from the serious issues including:

The International embarrassment over the stinky Ameri deal involving the President, his former Energy Minister, his kitchen cabinet and some of his family members. Why the President gave executive approval to the deal and why a lawyer of his calibre could not detect the inherent anomalies is the question the over 30million Ghanaians are yearning to understand. The dismissed Energy Minister’s comments and posts on his Facebook confirm the common suspicion among the public that the President was fully aware and fully endorsed the renegotiation deal.

The President’s action would have landed him in hot waters which could have led to his impeachment if it occurred in any of the civilised democracies. Ministerial reshuffles are part and parcel of our governance system. The President did not reshuffle his ministers to refresh his administration and improve its performance. He punished and demoted few stubborn ones. Mustapha Hamid moving from the Information Ministry to the Zongo ministry, can best be described as serious demotion. Otiko Djaba was also dropped to the lower division so was Boniface.

The parlous state of the nation’s economy caused by Akufo-Addo’s super incompetence, misrule and cluelessness. Banks are collapsing, businesses are collapsing, companies are laying off workers because of the administration’s bad economic policies.

The Transparency International latest verdict, indicting the Akufo-Addo-led administration of superintending over the spiralling of corruption in Ghana in the last 15 months

Effort by the Akufo-Addo Presidency to conceal the stinky Kelni GVG and the US$1.42 billion National ID Card Registration contracts, looting of billions of NHIS funds .

President Akufo Addo and his NPP, rode to power on the back of a promise to end corruption. It is safe to say though, that the current president is the most corrupt president in this history of Ghana. For many Ghanaians, the one reason why this government was voted into power was the belief that corruption which was perceived as the problem of Ghana would be brought to a stop. Candidate Akufo-Addo was the symbol of this perception because of what he told Ghanaians and how he presented himself.

For many who voted him, he was an embodiment of integrity, a man capable of doing no evil, an incorruptible disciplinarian and in their view, was the messiah Ghana needed. People glossed over what his intimate friends said about him. People did not even analyse how feasible it was for some his policies to work in our environment. The man who presented himself on his campaign platforms as incorruptible, is rated among the most corrupt presidents in Africa. Instead of fighting corruption as he promised, the President reacts to the public’s uproar by quickly c coming out to debunk corruption allegations against his appointees and calling those who unravelled it, scandal mongering individuals.

While parliament was investigating the famous Cash for Seat scandal, the President prejudiced the process with his famous ‘forty years Lebanese food’ statement. The President and his propaganda outlet vigorously defended the scandal using their media cabal.

The President’s name was also mentioned in the famous contaminated oil scandal. The President defended the culprit when available facts clearly indicted the man.

The President is yet to debunk the allegation that his cousin collect between $20,000 to $30, 000 from people who apply to see the President. He has appointed close to 50 family members into his government unprecedented in the history of African politics.

These are issues that cannot be swept under the carpet using any ploy whatsoever.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow


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