Akufo-Addo’s failures enough strategy to be used in unseating him


President Akufo-Addo rode on the goodwill of millions of Ghanaians to emerge as the democratically elected President of Ghana. The hope and optimism expressed by the people towards his change mantra was unprecedented. His party packaged lies and deceptions and presented them to Ghanaians. Nineteen (19) months the line, many of his supporters including some die-hards have been left disappointed, disillusioned and defeated by his display of incompetence and woeful performance.

Notable personalities like Dr Evans Anim, Franklin Cudjoe, Prof. Daniel Ahimah, Rev Prof. Martey, and many others who had in the past given their full support to his administration have expressed sadness over his inability to effect the change he promised. Dr Evans Anim, a known activist of the party who led the Change Crusade in America and Canada publicly revealed that Nana’s government has been hijacked by a powerful cabal who take decisions without his knowledge. Kennedy Agyepong, a financier of the NPP expressed same sentiment and complained bitterly about corruption in the administration being spearheaded Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko and few associates of the President. One of the President’s pals Kwame A-Plus has constantly been complaining about corruption in the administration and vigorously crusading against these corrupt government officials on his social media platforms. Many Ghanaians including some of his supporters have come to see the President as ethnic warrior and a political bigot following attempts by his government to disenfranchise some Ghanaians from some particular regions in the name of ‘Ghana Card’

The President has a history of sheepishly supporting those he feels are his own. He exhibited that attitude when the Contaminated Fuel issue came up, did same with the Cash for Seat saga. He described Boakye Agyarko as one of the finest brains on earth

Akufo-Addo promised creation of millions of new jobs during his 2016 campaign. While Ghanaians wait for Akufo-Addo to fulfil this promise, some who have jobs are being fired on a daily basis. Banks and companies are laying off their workers due to harsh economy and bad policies of the administration. People that used to be employed have now joined the teeming population of unemployed persons.

The value of the cedi has continued to dwindle. Candidate Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia promised that they will make the cedi equal to the dollar. His vice as part of his first 100 days sermon (Ask Bawumia) told Ghanaians that he had locked the cedi and handed the keys to the IGP.


Akufo-Addo’s failures is enough strategy to be used in unseating him come 2020. For all its failures and errors in the past, the NDC has also much to be proud of. It remains the only party that is truly national in scope. It enabled Ghana’s first successful transition of power from one civilian government to another and provided the platform for true democratic practice in Ghana. The NPP does not even come close to the national spread that the NDC continues to enjoy something the NDC must jealously protect. Any attempt to include tribal permutations in NDC’s internal politics will collapse the party. It will take away the flesh on the party and leave it weakened in its skeleton from. Ghana needs a vibrant NDC. Yea, the NPP has failed abysmally, the President’s own supporters have lost confidence in and are waiting aggressively for 2020 to come for them to cleanse themselves of the Akufo-Addo curse. But that will not automatically bring the NDC back to power. Much will also delved on persons elected to lead the party as executives. The public factor the kind of leadership elected or appointed by party in their voting decisions. Let me repeat this advice here “Persons going to lead the NDC as executives must be men and women whose names when mentioned in polite circles do not draw opprobrium or foster immediate animosity and resistance.” It is very necessary. This is not about who supports the Mahama comeback agenda, who is going to work against his comeback, who will support his comeback or who endorses his comeback…It is about the future of the NDC, it is about whether the NDC wants to recapture now or anytime after 2028, it is about the survival of the party under Akufo Addo whose main agenda is making the NDC empty through sponsoring some members to create tension in the party. Don’t be swayed by the beautiful pronouncements by some individuals seeking to lead the party (executives).

Many of them have already compromised their positions. They are being sponsored by the NPP to make the NDC/Mahama comeback impossible. Those who have good political eyes have already seen the marks. Why is the President and his party’s bigwigs sponsoring some particular aspirants? Why the series of meetings between some of these NPP top officials and persons wanting to become executives of the NDC? These persons cannot stop the Mahama comeback but trust me, they will collaborate with the NPP to rig the 2020 election if elected as party executives. Ask them who is funding their campaign, find out the source of their sudden wealth. People who complained that were neglected by the last administration have suddenly become millionaires splashing cedis wherever they go. The PDP of Nigeria is making serious incursions and likely to win the 2019 election in Nigeria because it strategically removed all such characters in the party. The NDC has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate through, and even thrive in crisis. However, it must dig deep to emerge from its current situation. As the experience of years has shown, without guiding principles, or ideological boundaries; without programs that tie the desire for fairness to project, a drive for diversity can quickly degenerate into something negative-one that benefits only a few individuals who purport to speak on the behalf of the grassroots that the claim they love and respect.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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