Alajo Shooting: Suspect charged with murder

Police have charged Charles Frimpong, the businessman who allegedly shot and killed a mechanic at Alajo in Accra with murder.

Police prosecutors changed the charge sheet when the suspect appeared before the Abeka District Court on Monday, August, 14, 2017.

This comes days after the victim passed away as a result of his gunshot wounds. He’d initially been charged with attempted murder before the demise of the victim.

The suspect has been remanded into custody until the next hearing.


The suspect, Charles Frimpong last Tuesday shot Richard Yaw Boadi, a mechanic at Alajo following a misunderstanding over a parking space.

According to eyewitnesses, the mechanic had asked the car dealer to move his vehicle away from where it was parked to make way for others moving into and out of the shop.

However, the suspect got incensed and engaged in a heated exchange of words with the mechanic. In the process, the suspect fired a warning shot before aiming at the mechanic.

The mechanic was rushed to the Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge) in critical condition but died the following day.

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