Allegations against Charlotte Osei (Mrs) – Ulterior motives

Motive of a person reflects his/her desires when he or she carries out some action. After listening to lawyer Maxwell Opoku-Agyemang on his petition and reaction by (from) other lawyers including his closest friend lawyer Joe Debrah, I came to the conclusion that the agenda to get rid of the EC boss is premeditated, or planned in advance. The opportunity and ability to carry out this planned agenda has come and the environment favours the intended action. Lawyer Joe Debrah, this morning confirmed my suspicion or position taken when he spoke on Kasapa FM.
Lawyer Joe said lawyer Opoku Agyemang is just pulling the wool over the public’s eyes. To him, there are ulterior motives behind Lawyer Agyemang’s action but said he won’t disclose the alleged motives. I visited the Facebook wall of lawyer Agyemang and the little information I gathered, support lawyer Debrah’s assertion. Lawyer Opoku, from 2015 had not hidden his avowed intention to get the EC boss out of her position and he explicitly made that intention clear in his write-ups and commentaries
 President Mahama, in accordance with Article 70(2) of the 1992 constitution, appointed the lady as head of the EC. The appointed received condemnation from some personalities including lawyer Opoku Agyemang. The NPP through its agents and conduits, used all proceeded to court to challenge her appointment, senior members of the party openly insulted her and derogatorily, attacked her in the media. Notable personalities who led this onslaught on the EC boss, were the featured prominently and constantly in anti- Charlotte discussions on Lawyer Opoku’s Facebook wall. Reacting to lawyer Joe Debrah’s interview on Kasapa FM, lawyer Opoku confirmed all that Joe said about the the three lawyers, Charlotte, Opoku and Joe Debrah but repeated his earlier statement that the relationship notwithstanding, he will ensure that his reliefs and requests are granted.Earlier, the EC boss issued a statement in reaction to the issue which has dominated media discussions since Monday
(Accra, 21/07/2017) My attention has been drawn to a litany of phony allegations made against me by a certain Maxwell Opoku Agyemang in a supposed ‘petition’ on behalf of unidentified person(s), asking for my removal from office.
The contents of the said ‘petition’ which has been widely circulated on social media and published by the mainstream media, are frivolous, baseless and are actuated by malice and ill will. These allegations are in my view, the product of an overactive evil imagination, and do not deserve any serious attention.
I wish to state categorically that all the defamatory allegations are outright lies and without any merit whatsoever.
I understand from the media that the Presidency has received the alleged petition. I have my full responses ready for each and every allegation made in the so-called petition. However, in deference to His Excellency the President of the Republic, for whom I have the highest levels of respect, I would respectfully wait to be formally informed by the Presidency before I make my responses public.
I take the opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to the staff of the Electoral Commission, political leaders from the various political parties, and members of the general public for the overwhelming support shown to my family and I so far. I am absolutely certain that once again, history and the truth will vindicate the just.
The political motive hunting would not serve the greater purpose. The ‘motiveless malignity’ behind this Petition are self-seeking and faceless individuals with the sole motive of satisfying their purely personal vendetta against my person and protecting illegal financial interests.
Finally, the Electoral Commission is an independent governance institution, non- partisan and with full protections for its officials under the 1992 constitution of Ghana. I would wish that the political actors would respect the constitutional framework provided for the Commission and support in upholding the supreme interest of the Commission for the wider interest of our democracy.
Thank you.
Charlotte Osei (Mrs.)
Electoral Commission Ghana”
 When people are trying to persuade you, the seldom do it for solely altruistic reasons. It therefore makes sense to question other motives behind lawyer Opoku’s motives to know if he is just framing the argument. A meeting was held at Amakom yesterday and it was all about how to persuade Ghanaians to rise up against the EC boss.Part of their plan is a planned move to link this wicked agenda to some NDC using faceless NDC members. They have contracted some journalists to be used as instrumentalists in this wicked agenda.
I am not a lawyer and doesn’t come near the least in the profession but I think by releasing the petition to the media, lawyer Opoku and the office he forwarded the petition to, have published what the EC boss described in her statement as false accusations. The accusations have been transmitted to a third party (the public). The accusations damage the reputation, character or integrity of the EC boss and the latter has the right to recover damages from the lawyer and his faceless petitioners who uttered the false accusations. The matter to me has transcended the arena of just petition because, the lawyer is all over adding flesh to the matter and making all kinds of frivolous statements against his former friend. The public and the EC deserve to know the persons behind the petition because of the content and the effect the petition can have on our fragile democracy
The Christian  council, the Chief Iman’s office, Peace Council, The Catholic Secretariat and all the other religious bodies must quickly intervene before this useless petition creates serious crisis. The political parties should not handle this crucial matter as one of the normal banters the strings attached are dangerous and if not handled from a dispassionate perspective, could plunge the country into serious crisis.
Can the lawyer and his faceless petitioners produce evidence of electoral fraud,election manipulation, or vote rigging or acts of illegal interference against the EC boss, did she in anyway did anything to increase the vote share of the NDC? I am asking these questions because, reading the accusations, the main point pushing the other bogus allegations is the allegation of manipulation or act they claim could have disrupted the 2016 election. Did the winner of the 2016 election congratulate the EC boss? Did any of the parties raised issues against the EC over how it handed the election? These are the questions we must ask ourselves and lawyer Agyemang as the discussions rages on.
1992- The NPP boycotted the Parliamentary elections and wrote the stolen verdict. Justice Ofori  Boateng (EC boss) came under serious attack
1996- The Npp came up with few allegations and demanded for reformations
2000- The NDC complained about few issues but graciously accepted the result
2004- Jake Obetshebi called the results from the seat of government ( Castle)the NDC proceeded to court but magnanimously withdrew the case.
2008- Nana Addo and his mean in connivance with the CJ prepared to go to court on public holiday to place injunction on the election.
2012- Eight (8) months we were in court over the famous petition case
2016 – so far the election which recorded no incident, all parties accepted the results peacefully. The best election held in the country since 1992 so why this wicked machinations.
Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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