I am the True Occupant of Sefwi Datano stool – Chief declarers

The chief of Sefwi Datano in the Bodi District in the Western North Region (WNR) Nana Yaw Gyabeng II has declared that there are no qualms about his throne and that he is the true occupant of that throne.

He maintained that claims by his opponents that he does not qualify to ascend the throne notwithstanding, he can say can and swear with authority that he is the true occupant of the throne, hence his occupancy of the same three and a half (3 1/2) years ago.

He indicated that whenever a royal throne becomes vacant, it is keenly contested by all aspirants. However, at the end of the day, it is only one out of the lot, the truest among the lot who occupies it; and that is exactly what has happened in this case, thus enabling him to ascend the throne on March 11, 2016, and swearing in on February 16, 2017. He indicated that thereafter he has been gizzard and attends a meeting of the house of chiefs.

Nana Gyabeng made these declarations in an exclusive interview with this medium last week following claims by a section of royals to the throne that he does not qualify to ascend that throne, and that his ascension of same had brought about tension in the town. Subsequently, the town was sitting on a time bomb.

Peace, love good admiration, and development

Whilst debunking these claims, Nana Gyabeng stated that his short reign had not only put in place good administration but also ushered in peace love, and development. He was however quick to point out that since it is not everybody who will kike one’s reign there is bound to be some who will naturally oppose him. Especially those who contested the throne with him led by the faction from the immediate past chief.

All the same, he as extended a hand of peace, love, and unity to his perceived opponents. Nana Gyabeng maintained that whereas the majority has accepted his gestures those belonging to the immediate past chief are yet to accept. Nevertheless, he has not relinquished his intension for unity to ensure development “After all, we are one family, he stressed.

Good administration

Nana Gyabeng pointed out that when he ascended the throne, things had gotten out of hand administratively. As such he had to appoint new officers to help him in his administration. He stated that in this respect, he has appointed linguist, Krontihene, Gyasihene, Adontehene among others. He indicated that with these officers his administration is roaming smoothly according to him, during Christmas he shows love to the people by giving them assorted lists according to ages. Describing this situation as unprecedented, Nana Gyabeng said this had endeared him to the heart of the people thereby gaining him much support in the town.

I am the True Occupant of Sefwi Datano throne – Chief declarers
I am the True Occupant of Sefwi Datano throne – Chief declarers


Nana Gyabeng stated that his shorter administration had also attracted some level of development for the town. These include a CHIP compound, iron electric poles, school buildings, water systems, places of convenience, cocoa and coconut nursery’, which has attracted over 75 workers in a plantation of 16  acres, with 960 planted seedlings. The local Climate Change representative and District Agric Extension officer from Bodi Rev. Augustine Oppong Boadi Confirmed this project.

Nana Maintained that he has also brought in the school feeding programme, zoomlion, and held a wonderful farmers day there last year

Demolishing building of the palace

Among Nana Gyabeng’s accusations by his opponents is that he as demolished the old palace put up by their forefathers, thereby driving away from the spirits at the places laughing over this accusation, Nana Gyabeng described the so-called old palace as not only a death trap but also a nuisance that attracted summons from environmental officers.

Nana Gyabeng revealed that after the demolition he as land over 7000 blocks, provided 20 trips of sand, and trips of gravels with the reconstruction given to contractors. Stressing that its taker off will take place any moment from now. a visit to the site revealed these building materials.

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Narrating the background to his ascension to the throne, and the aftermath issues, Nana Yaw Gyabeng II stated that the throne became vacant in 2016, following the destoolment of the immediate past chief, Nana Kwame Gyambrah II known as CC, he stated that thereafter three contestants himself, Kofi Darkeah and Yaw Annim poped up. As such the matter was sent to Wiawso Paramount and they were invited there for settlement, but the two Darkwah and Annin refused to go. So Wiawso directed that he should go to Boinzan, the Krontihene of the Paramountcy to be enstooled as such. Wherefore, he was enstooled on March 11, 2016, and swore into the paramountcy at Wiawso on February 16th, 2017.

Thereafter he ascended the throne and formed his elders and kings makers to help himself his administration. Nana Gyabeng hinted that with this, he set off with his administration smoothly. He debunked claims that he did not command support from the town and that, the people fail to attend to his call on summoning by gone-gone. He declared that he commands over 95% support in the town, stressing that the blocks for the reconstruction of the palace were laid by the people through communal labour.

Subsequently, he has done nothing untoward to warrant those allegations, let alone destoolment. Nana Gyabeng maintained that he has no qualms with anybody and that his administration was moving on smoothly. These were attested to by Nana Kwadwo Badu, Krontihene, and Nana Kwadwo Kyirika, Adontihene of the town.

They however admitted that in the initial stages of the contest, there was tension in town but when Nana Gyabeng assumed the reigns there has been absolute peace.

Right to Ascension of Throne

Whilst debunking claims by his accusers that he has no locus to the Datano stool, but rather to the of nearby Danyame stool, Nana Gyabeng brought out a funeral invitation card for the late Centinanien Chief of Datano and Predecessor of CC, Nana Kwame Gyamerah I, in which his (Nana Gyabeng) name was among the bereaved fairly. He then queried” if I were not a true royal how could my name have found its way there? He indicated further that, prior to his death Hana Gyamera appointed his (Nana Gyabeng) own who brother one Damas to sit on his labs and take the reigns of administration. Unfortunately, however, Damas died prematurely, even before the old man died ‘so now if it has come to my turn who should doubt my right to this stool?” he asked.

He maintained that the Danyame stool is an auxiliary and “ABakomahene” to the Datano stool. Therefore, it is not different from the Datano stool, He maintained that after all, he has swoon to the paramountcy, been gazette, and attends all meeting of chiefs

Datano stool Datano stool Datano stool

By S.O. Ankamah, From Juaboso, Western North


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