And i said sorry to John Mahama – I was overwhelmed with the Massive Reception he Received

I write on behalf of all Ghanaians to tender an unreserved apology to former President Mahama for unknowingly and mistakenly voting him out of office. I apologized to him in my heart when I saw him at Savalugu. I know many will shy away from accepting this fact, especially those who led the Change Agenda.

Let me use this opportunity to once again formally apologise to Mr Mahama for all the tantrums, lies and mistreatment orchestrated by me and others against his person while he held sway at the helm of affairs of our great country. Indeed, I and many others misunderstood Mahama’s honesty for weakness and thus pushed harder to malign his person and portrayed him as a weak leader.

My conscience tells me to render unreserved apology to the former President because it is now crystal clear, that the change we had clamoured for is not the change we got.

What happened at Savalugu today should send a clear message to the NPP administration and the party that 2020 isn’t going to be easy for them. The massive reception that greeted the former President’s arrival should send a clear message to the NPP administration and the party that the 2020 election will be a difficult hurdle. I was overwhelmed with the massive reception he received and definitely since we entering an election year, I sincerely think it will send a clear message to the incumbent. The sea of human beings who lined the streets and corners to catch a glimpse of the former President was mind boggling.

For the first time, I joined the crowd to welcome the former President. I apologized to the former President because events in the last three years shows that Mahama is a better leader. I have finally come to terms that President Akufo-Addo’s primary ambition was to achieve his life long ambition of occupying the highest office.

It is obvious that insecurity in Ghana has gone out of hand. As it is now,all the state institutions that were working under the previous administration have all been hijacked and politicised. Corruption is in the upward swing under the current administration. Armed robbery, kidnappings, maiming and killings take place on a daily basis across the country by criminal elements who take advantage of our weak security network.

The administration has injected fear into our society. Those of us who voted for the current President to save us from the corruption we trumpeted have been barred from speaking up against the myriads of evil and wicked deeds being perpetrated by officials of our government. We have millions of discerning minds in NPP who are prepared to apologise to the former president because of our administration’s activities and decisions. The former President popularity should be a worry to all who genuinely love the NPP.

The King is naked- Basically, the emperor had caused such fear in his subjects that no one told him the expensive “outfit” he was “wearing” was vaporware (did not really exist)

Abukari Yakubu

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