Ashesi University Mastercard Scholar Working Hard to Reduce Poverty in the Upper West Region

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Najahat Antiku is a MasterCard Scholar at Ashesi University reading Management Information Systems. Seeing a lot of children from deprived homes roam about the streets and become societal problems, she sought to change the narrative. She started an organization called Brighten My Light with the mission of creating an Africa where the future of the deprived child will be not be wasted as a result of poverty.

Ashesi University instills a very strong sense of leadership and community giveback to its students. From this training and the passion Najahat has for social change, she was able to form a team with 5 other friends of hers to enable her to run the organization. What she does is to visit very deprived communities in the Upper West Region and identify children who are very brilliant at the verge of dropping out of school or have already dropped out due to poverty. Those who are at the verge of dropping out are encouraged to continue schooling. The organization takes care of the child’s basic schooling needs, personal needs, and also assigns a life-time mentor to coach that child into making good life choices and informed decisions. For those who have already dropped out and are not willing to return to school, they are enrolled to learn vocational skills.

She sets aside a little portion of her money every month to fund this initiative. “Setting aside part of  the little I have monthly is not an easy task, but it is worth it. There is a lot of fulfilment in transforming the lives of others”, Najahat says. On the 8th of June, Brighten My Light visited a community in the Wa West District and donated agricultural inputs to a widow who is a subsistence farmer to enable her to commercialize her farming. The team is currently working hard to bring back the widow’s 17year old daughter who has ran to the south for “kayaye”. Work is being done to let the girl learn a vocation so that she can have a reliable source of income in future.  To read more about what she does, visit their website

Help in working towards the change you want to see. So much is being done underground. We only need shoulders to lift us in making a very big difference.

Contact: 0241268003

Full Name: Najahat Antiku

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