Bank of Ghana Hospital came about through Vision

When they came, because of greed for money, and because they made people believe that they were in to develop the nation, they capped all state owned institutions to the extent that their Internally Generated Funds are taken away from them.

The Akufo-Addo government ensured that monies generated by state-owned organizations were taken away from them through the Finance Ministry.

John Mahama wasn’t that kind of a leader. Having noted that these state institutions became effective under him, he took steps to ensure judicious application of their funds. He allowed them to use their Balance Sheets to obtain loans that they could pay for.

Then he lobbied them to ensure they built projects that would benefit the whole nation. That is how come hospitals like the Bank of Ghana Hospital was built. It was built out of leadership direction and not greed for every coin from state organizations.

The question is:

Why can’t the Akufo-Addo government lobby Bank of Ghana to build one under his regime? Why can’t they tell GNPC that instead of releasing cash for things we don’t see, they should use that to build one hospital under his regime? Why can’t the NPP government call on SSNIT, COCOBOD, BOST, TOR, GPHA, GGC, GCMCL, etc to build one hospital each under their regime so you can take credit?

It is because he has incapacitated these institutions. He has instituted measures to take away any excess funds from them unlike was done in the past. Today, all these institutions are struggling to survive, let alone invest any excess cash in projects like the Bank of Ghana Hospital they are struggling to attack JM over.

It’s vision!

Source: Stephen Kwabena Attuh 

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