Bawumia snubs Ahlu Sunna Muslims Eid Prayers on Sunday

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, on Sunday, a day the AHLU SUNNA MUSLIMS in Ghana prayed their Eid prayers to end the one month of fasting, has allegedly snubbed his own brothers and sisters in the Muslim fraternity.
He was rather at a christian event at the Ridge Church in Accra, which is right opposite where the AHLU SUNNA MUSLIMS prayed their Eid prayers – the Efua Sutherland Children’s park or ‘Children’s park’ as it is popularly called.
Some of the Muslims who were at the event said they were expecting Dr.  Bawumia to pass by the Eid prayer grounds before proceeding to the Ridge Church or even proceed to the Children’s park right after his program at the Ridge Church, but this is not what happened.
“This single disdain and disregard for his own brothers and sisters in Islam is abhorring, intriguing and unthinkable, it is very sad,” stated, Adnan Adams, a conecerned Muslim and one of the worshipers. He stated this during a discussion with after the event.
“I call on Dr Bawumia to explain better and apologize to the AHLU SUNNA MUSLIMS  in Ghana,” he further stated.

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