Bawumia’s Uncoordinated Dancing “Skill” and his Poor Thinking Habits

Pathological lying isn’t a clinical diagnosis, though it can sometimes be a symptom of other issues, such as personality disorder or manic episode.

Four years into their administration, Vice President Bawumia’s name has become synonymous with peddling lies to the voters. He intentionally plant and promote lies and his surrogates constantly share his lies. I was always asking myself why a man of his stature would reduce himself to this level. A lady told me; I will get the reasons after watching a video of the Vice President dancing.

I insisted the lady showed me the link but she also insisted I watched the video and the coordination. Coordination? Coordination in dance is a result of motor skill development, and motor skill are in turn developed as a result of purposeful movement experience. I got more confused. I sent my understanding of coordination in dance to the lady and her response was that, “purposeful movement is not just random movement. It is planned movement, just as in dance where most movements are choreographed and planned. She went on to write, How does coordination happen? The cerebellum is the main part of the brain that controls movement and coordination in dance. Physical coordination will be impaired when there is damage to the cerebellum or other parts of the brain that affects its functioning.

So, I fished for the video and watched the Vice President. After watching the video, I understood the lady’s drift.

I sent her a message telling her I have watched the video. Her first reaction was “hope you now understand why some of us don’t waste our time on the Vice President”? Then she wrote, find out why the Vice President laugh when there is nothing to laugh about, why he shakes his head when nothing is happening. Governance is not about academic certificates and the Vice President’s attitude and performance in government confirms that assertion. He is a nice man but his poor thinking habits is negatively affecting his personal progress, his relationships, and everyone around him. At one time or another we have all engaged in poor thinking habits. After all, nobody is perfect and neither is anybody’s thinking. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get better at it and start thinking more critically. It’s worth his time to seek ways of improving his thinking and guide those around him to do the same.

The Vice President jumps to conclusions because of his poor thinking habits, he makes unnecessary assumptions, he thinks negatively, no mindful and purposeful thinking, he always fall or inaccurate information and act with them, thinks one sidely and ignores his own ignorance all because of his poor thinking habits. She wrote, the Vice President must listen more and stay curious about what he doesn’t know and also, get comfortable with saying “I don’t know”. If he shed poor thinking habits, he will open himself up to joyful curiosity and meaningful discovery and will also become better thinker.

If you want to know or, understand why the Cedi is exhibiting uncoordinated dancing skill, banks are collapsing, businesses are collapsing, just watch uncoordinated dance of the Vice President. She said, why should I worry my head on a Vice President who cannot see over 500 projects in his area. He is a pathological liar.

Source: Yaw Akuamoah Gyebi

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