BIC Pen holds Family Movie session to celebrate Mothers

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The Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall came to life on Sunday May 12, 2019, when over 300 families gathered to celebrate mothers as part of the worldwide Mothers’ Day celebration. It was kind courtesy BIC – producers of the world’s number one pen.

It was all excitement when the children who were randomly selected from schools in the southern sector of the country trooped to the venue with their mothers. They had a good time watching ‘Shazam’ over popcorn and drinks. A large cake was also cut in honor of mothers.

Shazam is a family movie that defines teamwork, ethics, responsibility, simplicity and ingenuity.

The Area Business Development Manager – Ghana and Cameroon clusters for BIC, George Nkonsah, told in an interview that the company intends to institutionalize the event to make sure that mothers are celebrate for their worth. This according to him is because a large chunk of BIC’s consumers are children between the ages of 6-15 years, “and these are the people who use nearly 85% of our writing tools. So we realized that without mothers children cannot go to school. If mothers don’t train them well, they will not fit into society well, so for us to keep our consumers in that age bracket we need to celebrate the mothers too. All the efforts that they put into making the young people chose the right products are worth celebrating,” he stated.

He explained that the audience were selected based on the company’s school activation project where during which letters of consent were received from parents and a code given to them to text to. Parents who responded to the code had their ward’s names interred into a pool and names chosen at random to be part of the event.

“We give letters to the school children when we visit any school and then we give them samples of our products. So first and foremost the parent needs to write a consent to say that they agree that the children would take part in this. We gave them a code to text to, and we had a lot of texts from parents. So what we did was to have a random selection from that pool.

Asked why the choice of ‘Shazam’ Nkonsah said “We were looking for a type of movie that resonates with our core values – ethics, responsibility, teamwork, simplicity and ingenuity and the Shazam movie came in handy. A bunch of guys who came together to defend their territory. We wanted a movie that resonate with our values and that is why we chose Shazam. It depicts teamwork,” he stated.

He said their intention is to institutionalize the programme and make it more regularly so as it gives them the opportunity to emotionally engage with the gate keepers of the users of their products.

“Our expectation was to delight our guests, the people who came here, and looking at the expressions on their faces and the reactions and feedbacks we have started receiving, we think we have met that largely,” he stated.

The programme was themed “Write your success with BIC”.

George Nkonsah, Area Business Development Manager- Ghana and Cameroon clusters
George Nkonsah, Area Business Development Manager- Ghana and Cameroon clusters

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