Big Scandal hits NIDO AFRICA over ‘fake’ Awards

A committee set up by the Board of Trustees of the Nigerians In the Diaspora Organization (NIDO) has indicted the Chairman and some members of the Organization for putting together a ceremony to award certain personalities in the name of the organization without resorting to due process.

The Committee has therefore suggested a complete overhaul of the leadership of the Dr Kingsman Chikelu led organization so as to protect the image and credibility of the organization and its members.

The formation of the committee became necessary when one Chief Cosmas Okechukwu, a member of the Board of Trustees of NIDO Liberia raised an appeal on the organization’s WhatsApp page alleging that the Leadership and members of NIDO Africa have collected some money on behalf of NIDO Liberia. He said though he knew nothing about it, other members have been calling him to demand their share of the money which according to him was worth Thirty Million Naira (N30m).

The four member Committee chaired by Dr. Fatoye Olufemi of NIDO Lesotho was therefore tasked to investigate everything about the allegation and make recommendations. Other members of the Committee included Chief Calistus, Madam Adesuwa and Fr Moses.

The Committee found out that contrary to what the chairman of NIDO Africa, Chief Dr. Kingsman Chikelu told them that there was no ceremony to award anyone as alleged by the complainant, there were enough evidence in the forms of pictures and videos to the contrary, suggesting that there was indeed an Award ceremony in Abuja.

“Therefore, Dr. Kingsman Chikelu gave false information by denying that he gave an award to the wife of Kebbi State Governor,” the Committee’s report sighted by states in part.

Below are the recommendations of the investigative Committee:

  1. From the investigation, it is confirmed that chairman and few of his executive members gave an Award to the wife of Kebbi State Governor without due process. Based on this, the committee recommends that the award given to the recipient (wife of Kebbi State Governor) be withdrawn with immediate effect and communication effected to her Excellency that the Award received was illegal and therefore, personally given to her to dubiously collect her money in the name of NIDO Africa.
  2. All NIDO Africa Members and Executives who are linked to the planning and execution of the said Award given to the wife of Kebbi State Governor be suspended both at Chapter and continental level. The committee recommends that such executive member (s) position(s) be declared vacant and such persons should not be allowed to occupy any position in NIDO Africa for the next four years either through appointment or election.
  3. If the entire NIDO Africa Executive members (Chairman, Secretary, and P.R.O) are directly involved in the said award, this decision immediately should result in the instant constitution of a Caretaker Committee to manage NIDO Africa.
  4. The committee further recommends that the caretaker committee should be made up of registered chapter presidents and secretaries.
  5. General Assembly is the sole decision making organ of the organization. Hence the Committee recommends that Executives should be responsible to its members in information sharing and seek approval on major decisions taken on their behalf.
  6. The General Assembly should look into the Constitution and make necessary amendments as soon as possible. The committee recommends the setting up of a constitution review committee to draw a road map towards a review for it to be adopted at the next AGM.
  7. Inducing members with illegitimate money received form the wife of Kebbi State Governor by Chief Cosmas Okechukwu.

The committee noticed that “Chief Cosmas Okechukwu tried to influence members with illegitimate money” and the committee regrets that this could happen among Nigerians in Diaspora. To act as deterrent to the General house, Chief Cosmas Okechukwu should also receive the equal suspension period of four years from NIDO activities both at Chapter and continental levels.

We thank all who have made this task possible by providing some information and in due time.

Dr. Fatoye Olufemi



30th September 2018.









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