Board to Regulate Allied Health Professionals urgently needed – GSR

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Information available to indicates that there is serious corporate challenge which if not tackled head-on may have dire consequences for Ghana’s health sector akin to what is happening in the financial space.

This news portal has established that it has been almost two years since the previous governing board overseeing the regulation and training of the 17 Allied Health professionals was dissolved without replacement.

As a result, there is no board in place to oversee the training, licensing and inspection of Allied Health Professionals and facilities in collaboration with the Health Regulatory Agency. This state of affairs according to the National President of Ghana Society of Radiographers (GSR), Prince Rockson, it is a direct threat to health delivery system in the country.

He said “the justifiable question to ask is to how effective is the regulation being done without the board? How are institutional controls, as required by proper cooperate governance principles complied with?

Are we as a country able to protect our clients and the public from unsuspecting quacks who pose a danger to the safe and quality healthcare delivering? Who approves all the huge expenditures of the Council?”

The Ghana Society of Radiographers, he said, is therefore appealing to President Akufo-Addo to intervene in this matter since GSR are not getting the needed help from the ministry of Health to resolve the issue.

Mr. Rockson is therefore for calling on Allied Health Professional Council to engage the law enforcement agencies to rid health facilities and imaging centres of individuals who are not qualified to provide radiographic service.

He told at the sidelines of the celebration of 123rd World Radiography Day in Accra that, the authorities and owners of Radiological facilities should also desist from engaging unqualified individuals or non-clinical health professionals to operate clinical radiological installations since it is against the law to practice without being registered.

The role of Radiographer in quality health delivery over the past century according to him has undergone significant evolution with prospects in academia, research and advanced clinical practice. The National President of GSR said “to better appreciate the importance of imaging and radiation therapy we need to ask ourselves what it would have been like for patients not to know what went wrong with their bones and joints. How would it have been possible for physicians to know whether the mass is fluid filled or a solid mass so that he or she will know the right regimen of management to adopt, but for the miracles of life called X-Rays.”

The 8th of November every year marks the day set aside by the world to remember the vital contributions made by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895, when X-Rays was discovered and gifted to the medical world.

Radiography, the branch of science that deals with X-Rays and other electromagnetic waves, Mr. Rockson said has changed the way the world looks at diagnostics. World Radiography Day, he adds, is all about celebrating the day to honor radiography and its contributions towards the betterment of human life.

The World Radiography Day was themed “Precision and Compassion: Radiographers’ Qualities.”

Source: Adovor Nutifafa


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