Bolgatanga-Polmakom Road: Open Letter to the President

Dear Nana Akufo-Addo it is very disheartening how you promised the Bawku Naba during your thank you tour that the Bolgatanga-Polmakom Road which H.E John Dramani Mahama started, will be finished within the first year of your tenure.

Mr. President it’s 2019 and the contractor is nowhere to be found. The construction camp has been abandoned at Baazua. The people of Bawku are suffering seriously. I hope you know the pulmonary health risks the people are exposed to because of the nature of the road especially our dear drivers. I hope you know the negative economic impact too.

Businessmen are shunning the area due to the stress that comes with plying the road. Mr. President don’t forget this is a major route which neighboring countries ply to transact businesses in our country, giving us employments, taxes and a whole lot of other benefits. People’s farms have been cut into all in the name of wicked road diversions.

Mr. President unlike your people comfortably enjoining a yearlong raining season down south, my people enjoy only one raining season which is approaching. But the roads are still on their farms. What should they do? Their lives depend on it. Produces from these farms is what they sell off to cater for the education of their children at the basic level before they get to enjoy your free SHS. Are you getting the negative educational impact I’m trying to put across?

Not to mention the safety risks. Week in week out people are dying on this road. So many trauma cases at the Bawku Hospital Orthopedics Unit because of this same road. Just to mention a few, the nature road is affecting all aspects of our lives negatively

How long will your government neglect the people of Upper East. In June 2018, the Vice President Bawumia paid a courtesy call on the Bawku Naba to reiterate the campaign promise yet nothing has been done about it. In November 2018, the Trade Minister, Hon. Alan Kyeremanten told us point blank nobody was interested in the Upperer East Region under the One district One Factory policy. Very sad and disheartening,

Mr. President are you a President for all or a President for some?. What wrong have the people of Upper East done to this government? Is it taxes we don’t pay or because we are from the North? I rest my Case here. 2020 is quietly lurking at you.


About the writer.
The writer is a Medical Student at the University for Development Studies, a hails from Bawku in the Upper East Region. He is passionate about youth development and student empowerment. He Serves as the communications officer for TEIN UDS Tamale Campus. Reach him by email

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