Brigadier Gen. Nunoo-Mensah – Hypocrisy is not patriotisn and Sour Grapes are not political skill

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Brigadier Gen Mensah-Nunoo’s nationalism is starting to lose its appeal. People we revered so much in society are beginning to disappoint us. However, people, particularly the political and privileged class are to be blamed for the disappointment and mess because they have allowed themselves to be swayed by some political hypocrites who have distorted the meaning of the terms like nationalism, patriotism, secularism to suit their vested interests.

All of us are aware of the real meaning of these terms which played crucial role in Ghana’s independence struggle and shaping the idea of Ghana. I am still struggling to understand the Good General’s beef. In his latest statement, he was trying to malign Mahama’s image through baseless and bogus analysis. What he said about the former President only shows that he has little knowledge about today’s Ghana. He’s living on a different planet and has never tried to get his basics right. These reckless pronouncements and errors are shameful but also alarming, because of the personality involved. I have heard the Gen preach about indiscipline and all that. The culture of defecting from one political party to another, one political administration to another has been one visible aspect of the Brigadier’s political behaviour. The continuing defection suggests indiscipline, intolerance, impatience , opportunism and lack of serious ideological standpoint. According to the Ex Brigadier, he believes the Ex President has had his time to serve the country and should have taken a back seat rather than attempting to take the reins of power again”. This statement should not come from a political veteran like Nunoo-Mensah. He hear him preach constantly about infrastructural development on Radio. I don’t think Mr Mensah will ever attempt challenging the competence of John Mahama when it comes to infrastructural development. Brigadier General Mensah Nunoo’s own professional and political history defeat his assertion. Was appointed CDS by the AFRC in 1979. He was retired in 1979 by the Limann administration. He was appointed a member of the PNDC and resigned in 1982. He joined the NPP and became the campaign manager of Nana Akufo-Addo’s 1998 Npp presidential candidate bid. He later defected from the NPP to the NDC. He was appointed to serve at the levels mentioned because of his competence and readiness to serve and nothing else. The call for Mahama’s return has become a national call and will entreat the Gen to check that out for himself. He acknowledged the greatness of the former President. Acknowledging the greatness of the former President and the fact that he achieved a lot in office defeat his anti comeback stance. What Ghana lacks now is leadership and nothing else. I am still struggling to to understand this extreme expression of bitterness and resentment.

I respect the retired General highly and can happily say I am one of his secret admirers. I still believe his age, experience and guidance may contribute to the success of any future government. I however believe that his position on Mahama’s comeback is bogus, unscientific and baseless. So far, those preaching the anti Mahama comeback sermon cannot debate this matter without scurrying to the gutter,making claims that are baseless and unsupported by any fact. It is those who dislike Mahama for reasons known to themselves, who make those baseless claims. Let’s therefore take a close look at the General’s assertion that Mahama shouldn’t comeback because he served the country as President for four years. Where is the logic in this preposition? Is he legally qualified to contest? What was his record the four years? The General himself in the same interview praised highly John Mahama for his achievements and chastised the sitting president for his abysmal performance. Hope General heard what those detractors of Mahama said about the man and what they said about his close pal Prof Mills.

Ghanaians voted against the NDC because of the lies the NPP peddled against them and the sweet promises they told Ghanaian during the 2016 election. Same treatment would have been meted out to Prof if he contested. So, based on the General’s own pronouncements vis-a-vis his constant call for infrastructural development across the country, why is he vehemently opposed to the man whose achievements in terms of infrastructural development he boldly acknowledged on the programme then?. The young folks have a sense of entitlement and impatience about getting things done. They have no problem with Mahama first four years for the simple reason that they themselves would not like to behind by being timid or self effacing. They that nice guys finish last, and they do not agree with the value of Gen and his likes that you should hold yourself back and not be pushy.

What the Gen Nunoo-Mensah is pursuing is just an agenda to undermine Mahama’s come back. So far he has not hidden his anti Mahama comeback position and has committed himself to that agenda. The important question we must be asking ourselves is “does the NDC actually have a chance in 2020?” And the answer is Yes..Happenings In the country including massive agitations, demonstrations, picketing, boycotts etc confirm the fact that Ghanaians have lost confidence in this administration. We are witnessing this simultaneous reaction because of the Governance standard set by the Mahama administration. Ghanaians have started comparing performance of this administration with what they saw under Mahama. This makes Mahama the automatic challenger in the next election. The former President has no option than to succumb to the pressure emanating from different stables including traders, fisherfolks, freight forwarders, spare parts dealers, nurses, doctors etc.

I am very happy the composure and how the former President relates to his internal critics and his appointees contesting him has not changed (has remained cordial). There is no competition…John Mahama is going to lead the opposition NDC and its allies including Labour, traders etc in 2020.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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