Bring back our Odweegyi Festival – Boso Youth to Chiefs

The Youth Wing of Boso in the Eastern Region has appealed to the traditional rulers of the community to revive their Odweegyi festival and its traditions and culture for the youth to learn from.

This appeal was contained in a petition to the Chiefs signed by the leader of the wing, Odenfo Dadey during this year’s home coming festivities.

According to the youth they learn nothing from the current homecoming festivities which is being substituted with the Odweegyi festival which has ceased to be celebrated over the years due chieftancy crises.

“Recently, we started celebrating home coming as an occasion in place of the Odweegyi festival. We the youth have realized that there are challenges regarding the chieftancy of Boso Gua state. This issues does not reflect the good example of leadership role that we expect from Nananom,” rhe statement noted

The petition questioned what the youth learn from the home coming celebration

“please what do we learn from the home coming celebration? We the youth want to learn traditions and culture that our fore-fathers laid. Over the years, Boso is not rising to its peak because of insecure leadership role among the Nananom and Elders. We want peace, tranquility to reflect the leadership role among Nananom and Elders with great respect to change the plight of Boso.

The petition added that “it is not ethical to avoid our tradition and culture because of issues. We need everybody’s mind to rebuild the moral right and development.

Consequently we the youth are not happy because we are not benefiting ideally from the community, moral and development.”

The group took the opportunity to acknowledge the efforts made by the Okyehene, who double as the President of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs Nana, Amoatia Ofori Panyin to bring to an end the chieftancy dispute among the Boso Gua state did not hesitate to stressed that” It is a need to re-initiate Boso Gua traditions and customs to reveal our sacred rite. The Boso Gua has the best culture and customs in Ghana. The people are very passionate and loving. We the youth want a colorful durbar during the Odweegyi festival”.

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