Buy Your Future With Nana Akufo-Addo – Ghanaian Youth (Final Part)

                                                                 HE WHO ALLEGES MUST PROVE

Since the implementation of the Free SHS policy, there has been a drastic upsurge in the enrollment drive which cut across all levels of school. If I may ask the NDC, has the double track system produced any bad results as against the progressively free education?

It is pathetic the NDC gurus and  their communicators are throwing dust into the eyes of our brothers and sisters in the Zongos and villages to believe that the semester  system introduced  by the Nana Akufo Addo’s administration  has made  most of our females in the Senior High School become lactating mothers. It is strange the NDC fraternity who are making this bogus allegation have not been able to come out with a single video to show to Ghanaians. Ghanaians want to put it to you that, “He who alleges must prove” National Deceptive committee (NDC).


God has blessed our beloved country with a perfect gentleman in the caliber of His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo whose special love for the younger generation is incomparable. He believes the growth and development of this nation depends on the vibrant youth. Another great opportunity is at the door steps of the Ghanaian youth and would they want to become useful members in the Ghanaian Society under a good and competent president who has made it possible to narrow the gap between affluent and the cup- in- hand and would they will give the destroyers (NDC) another chance to deny them of the many good interventions they are enjoying

                                                           HAULLMARK OF GOOD GOVERNANCE

The decision or choice we make today will determine the outcome of our future tomorrow and as such, if we had the NDC government whose bad governance which took us to the IMF for Policy credibility which did not help the youth of this great nation to secure jobs after their parents had struggled to secure financial support to pay their school fees at the tertiary level. The sitting president did not conjure magic to dialogue with the IMF to get the embargo lifted to be able to recruit majority of our unemployed graduates and also abolish the 3 months arrears pay policy by the uncared for NDC government with their opulence bellies, innuendos, rhetorics, academic ignorance, sagastic and satirical and social snowberry and whose terms of reference is to carry charcoal to the Newcastle and taking the nation to Coventry.

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Ghanaian youth should leave no stone unturned to give their mandate to a Party whose good policies in government have lifted them from the mud to the top of a mountain. As the Devil comes only to steal, kill and destroy so has the NDC want to come back to power and do, so Ghanaian youth, if you want a party that holds your future to help you to be who you want to be in future, then NPP government has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they are good managers to turn your misfortunes around. In spite of the many challenges faced this government he has been able to offer more job opportunities to majority of the youth in all the sectors of our economy, most especially, the Health, Education and Agricultural.


Monies that went down the drain in the NDC’s regime could have been used to create more jobs for our unemployed graduates whose lives were miserable with no hope under the NDC. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is in opposition and they are pretending as if they are principal angels having forgotten the gargantuan corruption that took place in their regime. The deliberate deals they embarked on; the purchase of the Airbus, Sada, Isofoton, and Construction pioneers, Gyeeda, Smarty’s – Bus branding, STL and Judgment debts paid to undeserved individuals and companies. Ghanaians are wide awake and know all your bogus allegations against the president and his appointees are just political talks which have no head or tail.


The NDC is the only party which does not believe in human resource development that was why they preferred to use our money in planting trees in the dry season and also invested huge sums of money into Guinea fowls and not even a feather was found in Ghana and because they have tagged Ghanaians as having short memories want us to believe they are clean. The sitting president is tried and tested and the youth cannot cut off a hand that feeds them. Ghanaian youth must shun the NDC and go in their numbers to vote massively for Nana Akufo Addo and the NPP parliamentarians to continue their good work done for mother Ghana and the citizenry.


My passionate appeal goes to our SHS students (WASSCE) leavers and those in school currently who are eighteen (18) years and above and qualify to vote for the first time to look up to God and vote massively for president (Nana Akufo Addo) who sleeps and think about how best he can put things right to better their lives by given them Free education. I am by this medium appealing to all the floating voters to also go and vote massively for the sitting president and his parliamentarians for the future of their children. The battle is still the Lords. Four (4) more for Nana.


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