Can any Ghanaian be Independent?


Since the 2020 elections the thought has come to me that as a people there are innate characteristics we share – and those are not that different from what others have:

  1. The desire to have a meaningful employment or be in a profitable lucrative business.

  2. Income to live a Comfortable life without much financial stress, needs and burdens.

  3. Beautiful clean living environment.

I can bet you, these are shared by members of the NDC and NPP and anybody with leadership qualities should be able to stand out and articulate how we as a society can achieve these in a crowd of Ghanaians, be they NPP or NDC members.

In other words, we are not that independent of each other!

I am therefore advising all those who were aspiring as Independents to rethink strategy! The NPP and NDC folks are merely aspirants who chose friends in one or the other organization.

No Society can be built on enmity. We are not enemies of the NPP or NDC. No!

I would therefore advice all to regroup and rethink and those within the Independent sphere to reach out to 2 or 3, and join one of the parties.

Let your integrity and character show and as the Holy man from Galilee once said “where two or three are gathered, there will I be also”. If there are two or three honest men and women in any party, and stand strong, trust me there will be blessings and others behind will follow.

May God be with you all trying to gather in the political sphere to provide sincere and honest leadership as a service to Ghana!

By Kwaku A. Danso

Feb.8, 2021

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