Can’t resist bringing home food from parties? You might have ‘Senelophinia’

  • It is a common behavior among Filipinos to wrap leftover food after parties using a plastic bag or container
  • A Facebook post hilariously ‘described’ this using a  ‘scientific name’ senelophinia
  • Netizens expressed how they were able to relate to this post

Filipinos love gatherings because these occasions mean a sumptuous meal will be shared by everyone.

Image via Leonida Photography | Facebook

However, the story of excitement does not end there.  Often times, not everything is consumed, especially when the host of the celebration prefer to prepare more than enough for the guests. And as the go signal strikes, some people rush to the buffet tables and fill in their plastic bags with food they like most. This is commonly known as “bring-home”.  It is the most anticipated “pasalubong” our loved ones are eager to see when we arrive.

Well, a netizen, Phyllis Daswani, hilariously posted on Facebook a photo that gives a term in a ‘scientific manner’ on this tradition of ours —  “senelophinia”, which he described as a behavioral disorder characterized by excessive desire to bring home food from parties. It comes from the words “sinelophane na niya “. Lol

Why do we love to bring home food from parties? Because if we are told to do so, then why not? Sometimes not all of the family can attend an occasion so a bring-home would be the best present for them.  Moreover, even  some guests bring home bones and leftovers for their furry pets too which is popularly called “food for the dogs!”

Netizens shared how they were able to relate to this ‘behavior’.

“We have coined a delightful term here in the FOD Visayas years ago though not excessive. We call it “Swing”.   So it’s like,”Last night I swung a bokhayu.” It doesn’t sound so obvious, right? Haha.

One OFW said that even in New Zealand, that tradition continues among Filipinos. “I knew a lot of people who are like that and I am one of them.”

Somebody also has another term for a more ready packaging, “tinaperwernia”.  This refers to the famous plastic container brand Tupperware which was more popularly used before than the clear containers these days.

Well, this tradition is just one way of saying that Filipinos are generous to their guests.  So, go!  Magsenelophinia na!

Source: Facebook

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