CDD Ghana, OSIWA launch report on performance of Parliamentary Aspirants during Campaigns

The Center for Democratic Development (CDD Ghana) together with Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) have jointly launched a report that accessed the performance of parliamentary aspirants during the 2016 electioneering campaign.

With support from OSIWA, CDD Ghana established a platform to access the performance of the aspirants especially on the promises they outlined on their campaign platforms in selected constituencies.

The debate platforms, which were held across 43 selected constituencies across the country, formed part of the organisation’s efforts to promote issue-based election campaign and to ensure interaction between aspirants and prospective voters.

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei-Owusu, who launched the report titled “Election 2016: Promoting Policy-Issue Debate at the Constituency Level” argued that most of the issues debated on the campaign platforms were matters relating to executive responsibilities.

He said the report can have a negative impact on the perceptions of electorates on the legislature because most of the promised projects are not the responsibility of lawmaker.

He said the electorates of today have high expectations of their Members of Parliament (MPs) due to some uninformed promises from politicians. He said however that it is a challenge that could be solved with the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs). He called for open and expanded discussion in that regard.

It would be recalled that ahead of the 2016 general elections, CDD Ghana with the support of OSIWA embarked on a project with the objective of increasing citizens participation, in particular, marginalized groups and promote post-election accountability, responsiveness between citizens and elected officials.

The platform further offered candidates the opportunity to interact with the electorates, share their vision and programmes.

The Political Governance Programme Manager at OSIWA, Mathias Hounkpe, noted that they believed in electoral accountability and that, most times it is important for voters to know and understand the reasons for voting and what they are voting for.

He cautioned aspirants to desist from making unachievable promises during campaigns. He said the initiative would form part of the mechanism to sustain the trust of citizens after elections in this democratic era.

“This initiative being launched, formed part of the mechanism that could sustain the trust of citizens in elections and democracy as a whole,” he added.

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