CEBSAR-Africa accuses Education Directorate of extortion

The Center for Better Society Advocacy and Research – Africa has accused the Accra Metropolitan Education Directorate of extracting money from parents of Basic Schools within the jurisdiction for the Director, who is due for retirement.

They said the act of benevolence is done according to the free will of the giver, however, the act of the Directorate cannot be termed as one. “This is coercion and clear abuse of the office of the metro director of education and must not be entertained,” they argued.


According to the vice president of CEBSAR – Africa, Eric Darlison, headteachers of basic schools were asked to pay an mount of GH200 compulsorily as part of a retirement package for the Accra Metro Education Director.

“These are schools that are having challenges with finances and this behaviour by the director clearly goes to undermine the government effort to ensure quality but affordable education at the basic school level,” – he bemoaned.

He said, each pupil at the basic level has been levied One Cedi from the printing fee for Metro Education Director, each basic school also is paying GH 200 from their internally generated fund, each Head teacher is paying GH 20.

Interestingly, each pupil is levied fifty pesewas from the same printing fees as a reward for the Circuit Supervisors (C/S).

“Per this directives, for over one hundred schools in the metropolis, an estimated amount of GH33,000 will be paid as a retirement package just for one employee. Isn’t this worth saying” – he quizzed


CEBSAR – Africa also mentioned that they had numerous complaints from teachers and headteachers on the ground that this extortion has been going on for a long while but nobody has dared voice them out, as those who stick their necks out are often threatened with transfers and other forms of intimidations.

“As an institute that promote the wellbeing of individuals in the country and care about sanity in the education sector, it is imperative that some of these bottlenecks are prioritized to be tackled to avoid the sinking of the Free Compulsory Basic Education,” – Darlison lamented.


“We are, by this statement, asking the Director General of the Ghana Education Service to call his Accra Metropolitan Director to order and also refund all the monies to the coffers of these basic schools with immediate effect and not to turn these schools as the cash cow for her retirement.

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