CEBSAR-Africa condemns Police Savagery on Ghanaians

The Center for Better Society Advocacy and Research – Africa (CEBSAR-Africa) has condemned the recent police attacks on some civilians in the country .

The Ghana Police Service has been in the news of late for all the bad reasons. The brutalities have been on the ascendency for the past weeks receiving mixed reactions from concerned members of the public.

There is the Midland Savings and Loans police assaulting on a customer, also, a police officer recently shot a bullion van driver, a police officer slapping a taxi driver for packing unlawfully in Accra, police officer hits a private legal practitioner with his car to death at Sunyani, police officers giving thirty strokes of canes to a primary school pupil and many other instances.

In an interview with the press, the vice president of CEBSAR-Africa, Eric Owusu Darlison, said his organization together with its foreign partners condemn the barbaric acts by the officers in uniform. He called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP ) to put measures in place to clamp down on recalcitrant officers who take delight in meting out these unruly conducts on innocent civilians.

Owusu said the police should be made to understand that they are called to serve and not to scare people, and that the recent unprofessional conducts by some unscrupulous officers of the noble police service is rather eroding the trust and confidence the citizens have in the institution, which according to him is there to protect lives and properties.

Hr said the relevance of the police service in ensuring peace and security cannot be underestimated.

“And it is against this backdrop that we are by this release appealing to the IGP through the Ghana Police Council, to as a matter of urgency put stringent measures in place to address these unprofessional misconducts by some of their officers in order to bring back the trust the good people of this country have in the police,” he stated.

“We recommend that, henceforth, every police officer be provided with a body camera so that every activity of theirs could be monitored as it happens in other jurisdictions,” he suggested .

According to CEBSAR-Africa, the move will go a long way to ensure that police officers conduct themselves professionally in their line of duty.

Owusu further recommends that the government, and the police council take quick measures to install close circuit television (CCTV) cameras in all crime-prone areas to ensure effective and efficient fighting of crime and other related offences.

“Another reform we want to see is the collaboration of the police administration and the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to regularly organize town hall meetings with the people to ensure the needed sensitization on the work of the police and the civilians to promote peaceful co-existence among these groups,” he admonished.

CEBSAR-Africa has also suggested that police should be provided with tasers so that they are not forced to use their guns at the least provocations. This they claim will end the culture of “shoot to kill” by the police officers.

They also want to see every police officer is in the right frame of mind at every point in time to carry out his or her duties, “so we propose that there is intermittent compulsory psychological evaluation of every police officer to ensure that our guns are in the safe hands of our officers to only use them when the need arises to protect us and not to be using these weapons to be terrorizing and destroying lives.

Meanwhile, the police administration has interdicted some of the police officers who eared in these brutalities. A committee has also been constituted by the police to investigate these acts.

Source: Emmanuel Adu-Gyamfi

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