CHALEWOTEFESTIVAL2018: Meet Razak_Brush the artist with the Midas strokes!

‘ChaleWote” which translates as “Charlie (Friend) let’s go” is the brand name of one of Ghana’s biggest events that attracts and invites people from many countries.

It started in 2011 as a huge climax of the Ga Homowo festival for all Ghanaian artisans and lovers of culture and the unique beauty it reflects.

Popularly known as the ChaleWote festival, every year the event comes with an amazing effect that projects the beautiful African Traditional Culture in the Ghanaian way.

It’s beauty and inclusiveness by the youth has attracted the aged to also be a part of the history making trends on social media by way of taking pictures or showcasing a particular unique skill or creativity to the world.

For the first time in 8years, a sitting President in the person of his excellency Nana Akufo-Addo did not miss out in the fun catching times of the eventful climax of the Homowo Festival (chalewote festival).

Member of Parliament for Ablekuma South, Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije also was captured in different scenes interacting with the youth and some participants that came to showcase their creativity.

Razak_Brush is one of the artists that create a picturesque view of the environment or ambience for people to capture unforgettable memories with their cameras.

Last from a family of 5, Razak_Brush was born Razak Narh. His passion for fine arts began during his elementary school days.

He continued practicing and continued till he pursued Visual Arts at the City Bussiness College, a high school in Accra- Caprice to be precise.

Born on March 3, 1989, Razak is currently 28 years of Age with over 10 years experience in fine arts. He resides at Odorkor a suburb of Accra.

Though he is currently not gainfully employed, he revealed he has acquired skills in Special Effects for movies and currently runs a small art studio at his residence in Accra.

His dream is to take fine art to a whole new level and wishes there were more opportunities by the Tourism ministry that created a platform for local artists to compete with other artistes around the world.

He disclosed due to the current low income the craft generates, he has resorted to painting portraits to make ends meet.

Most of his portraits are centered on public figures and he could do them on the go at public functions.

He is also into abstract painting and murals and though it doesn’t pay much here in Ghana, Razak says he still can’t drop his brush for another job.

If you were at the late ebony-reigns funeral, then you coincidentally met Razak_Brush painting the Dancehall Songstress right on site.

For him nothing can stop a passionate artist from expressing himself but with the right opportunities they can create masterpieces that would last for centuries.

Razak_Brush gets his inspiration and motivation from the tones and strokes in Leonardo Da Vinci’s amazing pieces and hopes to produce a similar masterpiece if he’s given the required support.

He also recounted producing about 100 portraits in the last five years but yet to make the expected financial returns since portraits do not sell much in Ghana.

When asked what he would do when given the opportunity to change the Arts industry, Razak_Brush revealed he would create numerous opportunities in a form of national competitions and a support fund for exceptional individuals in the fine Arts and then take it international to help give exposure to talented artists in Ghana.

Though he gets about 2 jobs on the average in a month, he revealed the income is not motivating enough but his passion for the fine arts keeps him going on.

At ChaleWote Festival, he revealed it is an opportunity to show hundreds of visitors his painting abilities and whenever the opportunity comes, he maximizes he tries to maximize it to the fullest.

You can follow him on all social media handles Razak_Brush to see more of his wonderful works.


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