Chancellor of Valley View University urges new educational systems

Professor Robert Osei-Bonsu, Pro Vice Chancellor, Valley View University, has called on academicians to prioritise the designing of the educational systems that will be able to correct the many ills in the society.

The new design of the educational systems, he added, should be able to redeem and restore the educational values of every student.He explained, “Teaching and learning is a system designed to equip learners with good moral values, integrity and skills that would help them become prosperous in all facet of their lives in the years ahead.

That means, our educational system must meet the needs of the students be it social, physical and psychological.”

Professor Robert Osei-Bonsu made the call at the annual Graduation, Awards and Fundraising Ceremony of Sea View Basic Schools, Sakumono, where he was the Guest of Honour. The ceremony was held under the theme: ‘HOLISTIC, QUALITY CHRISTIAN EDUCATION; A KEY TO REDEMPTION AND RESTORATION.

In this regard, he called on curriculum development experts and heads of schools to introduce new initiatives into the school’s curriculum that would help instill in the students discipline, good moral values and attitudes which would help them attain greater heights in future.

In his view, the spirituality and social life is an important aspect in every individual’s life, consequently, students must be taught to be honourable people rather than just developing their minds to be just book intellectuals.

He emphasised, “Unless education is built on Christ, our educational system shall continue to be groundless and fruitless. Educate students morally and they will know the difference between rights from wrong.

“We as Adventists believe in holistic education because learners are to be trained so they will be accepted anywhere they find themselves.”

The Professor advised students to fear, love and obey the commandments of God to succeed in their journey of life.

The Pro Vice Chancellor also encouraged parents to effectively play their roles very well in making their children become holy and decent.

He remarked that the theme for this year’s graduation was very appropriate, saying it is high time students, right from crèche through to tertiary, were taught to be men and women of integrity.

This, he said, would make the students to be honest and truthful to themselves, their community and country.

To the teachers, the Varsity Pro Vice Chancellor encouraged them to continue training and moulding the students to live good morals.

Dr. Robert M.G. Nyemah, Head of Research and Innovation at the Regional Maritime University, Nungua, who was the Guest Speaker for the event, remarked that the Seventh-Day Adventist School was birthed from the doctrines and teachings of the Holy Bible.

Due to this, he said anybody who passes through their educational system must be responsible people who can withstand the ills of the present generation in which corruption has become the order of the day.

He thus admonished parents to be responsible in the upbringing of their wards, saying that way, their children would be able to realise their dreams and aspirations.

Besides, Dr. Nyemah entreated the teachers to render good service to their students, respect and honour their (students) decisions so that the students would grow up to be proud of them as teachers.

Addressing the graduates, Dr. Robert Nyemah charged them to be of good courage, selfless, obedient and more importantly, focus on values that would restore them to their original Creator.

Samuel Atta-Boateng, the Headmaster of Sea View Basic Schools, in an interview with the media, commended government for the developments in the public schools.

On that note, he pleaded with the government to assist private schools with more incentives to enhance effective teaching and learning, saying, “The private schools are now outgrowing the public schools.”

Concluding, Mr. Atta-Boateng advised parents to stop over pampering their wards and instead, discipline their children when they go wayward at home “because discipline and good character will take them to places.”

The graduands were from the Kindergarten 2 (Kg), Basic Six and Junior High School (JHS) Form ‘3’.

Source: Joana Lisa Quarshie || The Chronicle, Sakumono.


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