The Change, Our Attitude will Determine Our Altitude

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Being an activist has been necessitated by some telephone calls from friends across the globe, early this year, expressing support and urging caution for my personal safety because of the cowardly, malicious and libelous attacks against my establishing reputation and integrity as a student activist and non-partisan of the Republic of Ghana.

Actually, I pledge to speak about truth, peace and justice, and I wish to walk the talk of it. I will continue to let the “beauty of what I love be what I do”.

Mr. Amadu Osumanu, Nazir Zuberu and Ahmed Lawal Pilato, I was so happy about your proficient, capability, fighting justice for students’ interest and advices you guys always give me when I am going wrong.  As I always say, “my family are those who advices and straighten my path’’. As a matter of fact, there is no doubt that you are part of my family. Allah bless you all.

As Edwin Louis Cole said; “Attitudes determines the altitudes of life” and that make the caption of the article for the moment.

According to Business dictionary, Attitudes is defined as; “A predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation”. Attitude influences an individual’s choice of action, and responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards (together called stimuli).

Way back in Senior High School, my Geography teacher Mr. Godfred Armah defines Altitude as the height of an object or point in relation to sea level or ground level.

He further explained to us as the angular elevation of a celestial object above the horizon. So how can our mentality as citizens determines the highest level of civilisation as a developing nation, intellect as a learned citizens and patriotic as a democratic government?

We cannot deceive ourselves when we voice to people that we love them when corruption is our hallmark, hypocrisy is our slogan, jealousy and discrimination is our daily test.

Citizens as we are should bare our nation to heart as EDWARD LYTTON said; “a good heart is better than all the heads in a world “.

Not just saying sake but our attitudes toward our fellow citizens, should rather convince each and everyone that we love our mother land.

WOODROW WILSON said ” The sum of whole matter is this, that our civilisation cannot survive materially unless it be redeemed spiritually”. Spiritually here, I believe is something that coordinates we all as citizens of this nation, working towards a common goal; making our homeland great and strong without any ill mind or jealousy

What perception do you have toward public service? We cannot reach the altitude of stable economy, from consumption to production economy, etc. when all citizens engage at the public sectors. Some ought to work privately and this is what we are seeing in Ghana now. But in fact attitudes some workers exhibit at this sectors are not developing Ghana at all, when self-discipline fail to exist and corruption being the order of the day. If corruption is healed, the true change we need can prevail.

Justice Yaw Apau defines corruption in his opinion as “an antithesis of accountability”. “We behave as if we see it but appear not to see it because; indirectly, we seem to approve of it and indulge in it unknowingly. It appears to have assumed the posture of a norm. Where there is proper accountability, corruption finds it difficult to make a headway”.

I agreed 100% to his lordship for this taught. Corruption is also at its peak in Ghana now. It has filled every tinny space in the country.  We are talking about the effects, accusing one another, failing to be responsible for our little actions and deeds that all leads to this increase in corruption. We only see those in high offices as corrupt. Yet, we have forgotten the fact that, we sometimes add “catalyst” to our requests and applications without even a demand from these our leaders and those we tag as corrupt.

I always say, bribery and corruption is a double edged sword. So to every corrupt person, there is someone who bribes. Accusing one another will not curb corruption, but rather finding a practical antidote to it, which I believe begins from the simplest unit of our society.

On 7th December, 2016. Ghanaian acted for change and it is a change we are expecting to eradicate a state of perplexity.

As H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo said during the inauguration day; “The change we have voted for has to start with each individual. I ask you to be responsible citizens, I ask you to be citizens, not spectators: citizens not subjects. It is time to define what being a Ghanaian ought to mean. Being a Ghanaian must mean you sign up to a definable code of conduct”.

I wish to assure all Ghanaians who are still unequivocally and resolutely committed to the idea of “Freedom, Justice, Probity and Accountability:” enshrined in the preamble of the 1992 constitution that we should remain steadfast to those principles, ideals and commitments as citizens of freedom and Justice and peace be our focus.

Let’s all remember the heroic men and women who laid down their lives in diverse ways that this country must live and serve the cause of the majority of the ordinary people whose sweat has consistently been exploited by the elite and elitist politicians in the name of service to the people.

The motive of all winners take all should be annulling in this current regime led by H.E. AKUFO-ADDO. This issue has been rife after the inauguration, where party foot soldiers invade into some public offices to take the helm. “This foolishness must stop” as THE THIRDEYE states always in some of his pieces.

The idea of having a political party card before one can be employ should end this time. Our constitution permits all citizens to join any political party of his or her choice but it has become ill-will nowadays, that many especially youths seek for a political party in power membership card where they are not truly members with the intension to use that petite means to be employ.

H.E. NANA ADDO DANQUAH AKUFFO-ADDO said after his victory at the end of the poll, “a president of Ghana is a president of every single Ghanaian, without discrimination, malice or ill will”. Accordingly, we expect him to serve all Ghanaian without prejudice.

Let’s all work intelligently, have our nation in blood as OTTO VON BISMARCK said “The great question of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood”.

This is our motherland, our home, we must build it ourselves, being selfless not selfish, being objective and not subjective, having in mind, the beautiful plans of predecessors.

Let’s keep up working to achieve our dreams, and our dreams can come true if we all have the courage to pursue them.

God bless our mother Ghana. Forward ever backwards never.




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