“Charity begins at Home; but certainly not Mine” – Nana Akufo-Addo

Growing up, we were told charity begins at home. At the inception of this Akufo-Addo administration, it was hit by its first corruption allegation. His two deputy thieves of staff, oh sorry Chief of staff were accused of corruption. We got a police woman to clear them even though a “leaked” tape came out to indict the police woman. These two Deputy Chief of Staff were cleared and the police woman was promoted to Director of CID.

Not long after, we had the contaminated fuel saga with Alfred Obeng, then CEO of BOST. The then Minister of Energy setup a committee to investigate but before the committee could finish its work, a report from the BNI was issued and the President cleared Alfred Obeng of any wrong doing. Later the committee that was set up by the Minister had its report set aside even though it found Alfred Obeng complicit in the entire affair. Don’t forget in that scandal, a daughter of the President was mentioned and the company at the center of that issue was formed in 2017 just when the NPP won power.

I almost forgot the very popular Kenbond issue and how Ghanaian Bonds were sold to Franklin Templeton whose senior director sits prominently on the board of Enterprise Group, a company owned by our finance minister. Till date our Supreme Court can not even constitute a panel to determine the issues of conflict of interest, two years after the issue was brought before them.

Ever since this government took over the administration of the country, we have not gone a week without a major scandal of corruption hitting us. We saw the Visa scandal that embarrassed all of us in far away Australia. No one has been punished, rather the Deputy Minister who was mentioned by the returnees was cleared and shipped over to another Ministry; so much for fighting corruption.

Then we had Anas catching the Secretary of the inter-ministerial task force on galamsey on camera collecting monies and allowing companies to continue to mine. He too like the others, was cleared by our President of all wrong doings.

And then, there is the mother of all heist to hit the good people of Ghana, the biggest scam in the history of Ghana, perpetuated by a few family members of the President who work in Government. National assets valued over $2billion were handed over to a group of family and friends of the President. Later on, we were told by the Energy Minister that there was some fraud that was associated with the whole scandal. Today, PDS the company at the heart of the scandal is still operating and collecting revenue on behalf of Ghana without any guarantee to the people of Ghana. The only guarantee is that our president is their relation and friend.

Last night, we watched Ghanaian taxpayeri’s latest investigative piece, “Contracts For Sale”, and saw how the man put in charge of public procurement is abusing his office to enrich himself at the expense of the nation.

Clearly, there is a systematic attempt by the NPP government to enrich themselves at the expense of the Ghanaian taxpayer. These series of conniving and corrupt deeds are just the ones that have been uncovered and brought to public attention, who knows how many more of these stinking deals exist.

Let no one deceive you; these appointees of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo are not acting in isolation or contrary to the whims and caprices of the President. They serve at his will and pleasure so take it from me, the President is complicit in all these corrupt deals no matter how government communicators try to spin them away from him.

Source: Nii Yemo

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