Chief Calls for Government’s Intervention as Landguards Strike

The Chief of Gbawe Sakumono (Mallam Junction), Sen Tse, Nii Boye I, has appealed to the Nana Akufo-Addo led NPP government to immediately intervene in the activities of landguards that have bedeviled his area for some time now.

Nii Boye indicated that his call has been necessitated by the constant attack on residents there especially those at McCarthy Hill Down. He pointed out that these attacks have resulted in clashes between the victims and their attackers, resulting in exchange of gun shots and the torture and destruction of properties by these notorious landguards believed to be headed by one Pampamku, who styles himself as the Ngleshie Lafa Mantse, with the stool name Nii Ayi Okufubour I.

According to Nii Boye, Pampamku has built a structure, virtually under the overpass at Mallam Junction, end of the George Walker Bush Over pass which he claims to be his palace, from where he hires and harbors lawless guys as landguards to torment residents there, especially those undertaking constructional works. Such people, Nii Boye stated, are attacked by these Pampamku Boys, who attack them, beat them, and collect their tools for operation. Nii Boye said such victims are surcharged with huge sums of money before their tools are given back to them. All these notwithstanding, they are not given any covering papers on the lands, for which they are harassed.

“The simple truth is that they have no locus over the lands involved, but are only bent on extorting money from their victims!” Nii Boye exclaimed.

He indicated that all those lands in question belong to the Gbawe Kwatei Family of Gbawe with all covering documents at Lands Commission and Land Title.

He subsequently urged government not only to step into this matter, but also cross check from these two land agencies and come out with a final solution to the rampus at the place which has led to loss or property and constant chaos.

Nii Boye was quick to point out that, but for the restraining nature of the Head of the Kwatei Family, Nii Adam Kwatei Quartey, the story would have been different, since youth of the Gbawe Kwatei Family are wont to take up arms to meet their oppressors squarely. “It is against this background that I, on behalf of the Family, I’m imploring the President and NPP Government to step into this matter and have the issue resolved once and for all!” Nii Boye stated.

He also called on the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Hon. Gifty Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah and the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Patrick Kumor to live up to expectation and have this issue solved once and for all because, they are closest to the place so that residents there can get their freedom and peace of mind.


According to our reports, On Monday; June 1, 2020, Madam Nhyira of Nhyira Prayer Camp and Nhyira TV, engaged some workers to work on a piece of land she had acquired at the place some fifteen years ago. Our investigation has it that due to the flooding nature of the place, she constructed a long covert there to avert the flooding.

However, before the workers could start working, a group of landguards, believed to be boys from Pampamku’s Camp stormed the place, pounced on the workers, beating them severally, with two of them; Enoch Tettey and Gideon Sackey sustaining serious injuries.

Unhappy with developments, Madam Nhyira reported the matter to the Greater Accra Police Command, which responded with swift action by arresting two suspects.


Our information has it that following the constant creation of confusion by Pampamku and his group, the Gbawe Kwatei Family dragged Pampamku and his compatriot, Nii Ayi Okudziaman to the Accra High Court, Land Division for contempt of court. This was on May 15, 2020, with the plea that the court should commit the two to prison for defying the judgement of the Accra High Court, (Land Division Court 1) of October 30, 2019.

However, the court refused their application on grounds of insufficiency of facts and subsequently dismissed the application.


Based on this ruling, Pampamku turned round, and wrote a falsified letter on his letter head claiming that the court had ruled in favour of Ngleshie Alata in a land case between Gbawe and Ngleshie Alata. Pampamku in this letter, dated 22 May, 2020, listed lands involved in this matter as, McCarthy Hill and beyond, Obligo, Mallam Junction, Mendskrom, Pambros, Tetegu, Weija to Sakumono River, stretching to Bortianor, Kokrobitey, Amanfro, Langba, Tuba, Oshiyie and Aplaku.

With this falsified letter, he proceeded to paste copies on the walls of suspected litigating fellows including that of Nii Boye I.

Unhappy with this development, the Gbawe Kwatei Family replied via a letter signed by Family Secretary, Solomon Nii Afutu dated May 23, 2020 debunking Pampamku’s claims. The letter called on the general public to disregard this letter describing it as false and fake as it takes steps to forestall further deception of the general public by the afore-mentioned persons.

By S. O. Ankamah

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