Chris Attoh’s Wife’s Murder gets Murky

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Drug Kingpins, Hitmen & Bigamy involved

NBC 4, a subsidiary of the American commercial terrestrial television network known as National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is reporting that chris Attoh’s wife was murdered by a hitman hired by her jealous drug-dealer former husband.
Police in Maryland USA confirmed to the media that 44-year-old Bettie Jenifer who was married to Ghanaian renowned actor Chris Attoh was killed by a drug hitman hired her drug dealer husband Kedrick Jenifer who was currently serving drug trafficking jail-term.

Apparently, Bettie Jenifer was still married to Kedrick at the time she married Chris Attoh in October 2018. According to NBC 4 news, court records show that that Kedrick Jenifer filed for divorce on April 9, 2019, and Bettie Jenifer also filed for a divorce six days later. It is unclear if the divorce process had been concluded, but this meant that technically, she Bettie Jenifer was still legally married to her drug-dealer husband when she married Ghanaian Chris Attoh.

According to unconfirmed reports, the circles of Kedrick Jenifer’s drug friends saw Chris Attoh’s marriage to their friend’s wife on social media and might have informed him in jail. He is said to have hired the hitman who shot and Killed Bettie Jenifer while leaving her office on Friday evening.

The incident was initially thought to be a random shooting incident by a trigger-happy gunman, but Greenbelt police have officially confirmed that the shooting was specifically targeted at her in what is believed to be a jealousy-related killing.

Bettie Jenifer’s drug-dealer husband is currently serving a 20-year jail term in Baltimore for reportedly distributing 450 kilograms of cocaine in Baltimore and neighbouring Woodbridge, Virginia.

“Kedrick Jenifer lived large as a major Baltimore drug dealer, but now he will lose all of his toys and live for two decades in federal prison,” U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein said in a news release after his sentencing, according to the Baltimore Sun.

It is currently unclear if Chris Attoh’s life may be in danger from the spin-off anger of the drug lord.
Spokesperson for Attoh’s company called Waka Talent Agency gave the following expressed the devastation that Mr. Attoh is currently feeling.
“Waka Talent Agency is saddened by the death of Bettie Jenifer, who was married to our client, Mr. Chris Attoh. We would like to note that the family has requested to mourn in private and therefore will not be doing any press interviews or commenting on the death.”

Chris Attoh had recently divorced from his first wife, Nigerian actor Damilola Adegbite with whom he had acted in a popular television series.

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