Be Circumcised at Speech First

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“A boy child that is not yet Circumcised cannot teach his father how he should have impregnated his mother for him to be born”
Torgbe Wenya, I call on you for wisdom on this journey so I can deliver that which was whispered into my ears.
The earth still has love for its hills and here in our streamfull eyes we have witnessed a hill become a mountain. 

Small boys, they say, are young. This indeed is true, but you’ve also taught me that “the young shall grow” once life is not taken out of them.
This is what you have done oo, Mawu. You took a seed and made it a Royal Oak.

His Eminence Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu (National Chief Imam – Ghana), you did not remain a seed, you’ve become an oak tree and out of you forests are cultivated. From a mound, you became a hill. Many thought that was the end, but the rapturous explosion of your faith turned you into a mountain. One hundred plus miles high you stand today and we’re still looking up to you.

Faith in God and love for mankind led you to offer a pleasing sacrifice many can never offer in the land of the living; you joined some descendants of your Great Grandpa Issac so you could celebrate God’s goodness with them.

, anyway, the the incense, holy water, kneeling down…… are elements known to you long before the gold run away from our coast so I won’t talk about them. You simply love it.

But I will ask a question that I won’t expect any of you to answer. Let it remain a question; if that will make you WISER. “Can a baby boy who is not yet Circumcised and cannot see the letter A in the word apple teach his father how he (the father) should have impregnated his mother for him to be born a girl?”

Do not answer, please. Do not!
The length and height at which an elder sleeping on a mat can see is beyond the scope of vision of a toddler standing on Afadjato (the highest mountain in Ghana).

What at all am I saying? I don’t even know, but I’ve heard someone saying in trotro (public bus) this morning that “a mass servant at Chorkor can’t be more Catholic than Archbishop Palmer Buckles.” Hmm, my Muslim brother and sister, you cannot be more Islamic than the Chief Imam so your seedless arguments should cease. Toñ!!!

Little ones, “learn to learn from the elders; they heard from the gods long before your sun rose”.
His Eminence Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, one hundred years of life, faith, peace, love, and humanitarianism is a graduate course for us to study and we will.

May your mountain continue to rise as your branches spread wider.

Happy 100th Birthday to You.

From all of us at African Roots Radio.

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