Coalition wants EC to publish Report on postmortem after Referanda on New Regions

Civil Society Group, the Coalition Against Rigging of Elections 2020 (CARE 2020) has demanded that the Electoral Commission publish its postmortem on the referenda that were used to create six additional regions.

In a statement, Convener for CARE 2020, Eric Nii Odartey Lamptey, said the EC’s clutch on the report close to its chest is evoking suspicion that it has something to hide from the Ghanaian people.

Mr. Odartey Lemptey’s demand comes in the wake of the Electoral Commission announcing that video footages capturing its staff engaged in irregularities, including the thumbprints of multiple ballot papers as part of widespread rigging during the referanda, especially in the now Oti region, were fake.

The referenda which created the six new regions were the current EC boss, Jean Mensah’s first test and many assess her to have failed miserably. The voting processes had been punctuated with irregularities, with EC officials caught on video helping to rig the election, especially in the Oti Region.

In spite of the massive irregularities, the EC boss had rushed to declare the election free, fair and transparent, saying the irregularities reported were isolated happenings that would be investigated later. Jean Mensah had also promised that perpetrators would be penalized after the probe.

However, last week, the EC held a press conference and declared that the necessary probes had been completed and that the videos capturing its staff misconducting themselves during the referenda were fake.

The declaration has shocked many. CARE 2020 is challenging the EC to publicize the reports on the post referenda probe so that Ghanaians can satisfy themselves on the modalities that went into the exoneration of the EC staff in spite of what appeared to be smoking gun evidence that the staff had misconducted themselves.

Mr. Eric Nii Odartey Lamptey has said that CARE 2020 may be constrained to mobilize Ghanaians to demonstrate against the EC if it does not publish the contents of the report soon.

Source: Whatsupnews Ghana

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